Is this a hard concept?

    • Don’t create threads or posts with the sole aim of insulting a subject or to generally cause trouble. That’s called ‘trolling’ and we don’t condone it.

In case some of you forgot, or just haven’t noticed the link which was put in large font up at the top for a reason, we have rules here.

Read them, embrace them, obey them.

I posted one of them above, because I’m frankly getting sick of seeing a handful of people here trolling. I honestly don’t care if you’ve been here since Rast was or if you’re new here, it’s not going to be tolerated. Some of the older forum members here who like to think they’re veterans need to understand this concept too.

Just because you’ve been here for a long time will not give you special privileges. It’s pretty clear isn’t it? I think so.

Now you see, a lot of people who (gasp) come here might not follow every little minute detail of the English language for a variety of reasons. Going around trying to insult someone or make them look dumb because they made typos or didn’t speak up to your standards is pathetic. You’re making yourself look like asses when you do that. People have to start conversation somehow, and they’re doing the best that they can- especially with some of the newer posts.

Some of you are also being a tad bit intolerant of newbies. If I were to make a thread that might have been done 100 times before, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get responses like “I hope this gets closed” or “This is stupid.” I don’t want to see any of that just because someone’s new. You all were new once, whether you remember it or not. How would you like it if a bunch of people went around as you tried to start up conversations and such saying how stupid your idea is or how much you suck? I doubt you’d like it much.

This actually breaks down into one simple idea. Treat people as you want to be treated. If the previously mentioned behavior keeps up, don’t be surprised when you’re faced with consequences. We’ve said it before, and I’m reiterating it in hopes that people are going to listen to it this time. Cut it out.

falls into deep thought:thud:

Yes we were all once new, wait I still am.

Its not hard for me, after being through gamefaqs, im relatively docile.

“If I were to make a thread that might have been done 100 times before, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get responses like “I hope this gets closed” or “This is stupid.” I don’t want to see any of that just because someone’s new. You all were new once, whether you remember it or not. How would you like it if a bunch of people went around as you tried to start up conversations and such saying how stupid your idea is or how much you suck? I doubt you’d like it much.”

Also: If for some reason you can’t go without posting some stupid (albeit creative) shitstorming in said thread, to show how much cooler you are than me and my silly little ideas (this goes double for you, Mazrim Taim!), try at least to make it constructive, rather than destructive. Don’t be a jerk about it. In our world, the coolest people tend to be the ones who are jerks, but in a unique way, or whatever - no. You’re still a goddamn asshole, and nothing’ll change that. And maybe it’s condoned in the real world, but RPGClassics thankfully isn’t the real world, so even the amusing jerkoffs will hopefully be punished.

Yeah, treat other people like you’d want to be treated - and I understand that a lot of people (myself included) WOULD actually like to know when they’re being dumb, when they’re saying dumb things, or whatever, so they can stop and learn; but please, do it a bit more gently than has been done lately. You’d want that for yourself.

-Mazrim Taim

Edit: PS, sorry for being a jerk in that thread, Ivan. It was uncalled for.

Originally posted by IonMage
Its not hard for me, after being through gamefaqs, im relatively docile.

Ditto for me.

appleadse Kagon

<img src=“”> It’s conciliatory, not conciliatorily. I hate you now Kag. You can’t come to my birthday party anymore.

In defence of the veterans…

I’m playing devil’s advocate here, and I think I have a right to.

Okay…seriously, some newbs just deserve to be flamed. Let me offer myself as an example. When I first came here, when it was the FF5 Shrine and Forums, I didn’t feel compelled to make an introductory “hi i’m new let me tell you people all about my stupid life as my first post even though none of you care”. As a matter of fact, nobody really did that back then. When we came to the boards, we came because we simply needed a question answered or because we wanted to contribute to some discussion. My first post (why I remember this crap is beyond me, seriously) was in response to a request by Rast for a save state which I happened to have. I posted, gave it to him, and stuck around in some discussions. Never did I bother to bore a bunch of people I never met with my life story…rather, with the friends I made like Bahamut, Blizzard, and all them, I’d talk about such stuff in private conversations with them. And that’s the way it was back then for everyone. You came to the forums to participate.

Now what’s with this bullshit need to introduce oneself anyway. If people who were new to these boards would simple take 15 minutes out of their precious day to read some of the old threads, they’d probably discover that making an introductions thread, especially as stupid as say FFMaster’s intro thread, they’re bound to get flamed up the bunghole. But guess what? They don’t bother to really read any of the old threads. Hell, they probably don’t even know why they’re joining, except for some sickening desire for attention from a bunch of people they’ve never met before. I seriously don’t understand why these idiotic welcome threads are even allowed anymore. Most forums don’t allow them, you know why? Because this exact thing happens. But they don’t go around blaming the veterans who’ve supported this site for a long time for flaming some new idiot who didn’t even take the time to learn what kind of forum he was getting into.

Now, let’s get academic, cause you’re probably just gonna dismiss this anyway. Let’s think about the situation sociologically. RPGClassics is clearly a group of likeminded individuals. The board was founded, initially, as a forum for people who like RPGs to come and discuss them. Clearly, as time goes along, a certain kind of RPG fan is going to become predominant among the group and direct where it is going. There are plenty of RPG forums out there, and each ends up catering to a certain kind of RPG fan. Obviously it’s over-simplifying the situation, but most of us tend to think of ourselves as a different kind of fan from the person who hangs out at the rpgfan boards, or the rpgamer boards, or the gamefaqs boards, etc. I think you see my point. We cater to a certain crowd, and over time we naturally begin to want to isolate ourselves from the other kinds of groups out there. We have to put up with diversity and people we can’t understand every day of our lives, and most of us like to belong to groups of likeminded people so we can more easily open up and be ourselves.

I feel that most of us veterans here are like that. We might not all get along perfectly with each other, but we generally think of courselves as a community. All groups, once they become established, resist outside forces of change that might enter the group and disrupt the normal flow of things. As far as I can tell, the average RPGC user is a pretty good speller and gramarian. Hell, we’ve got people like X who bitch and moan about the slightest grammatical mistake. As a community, we value people who take the time to think about what they’re going to type, so it’s not laiden with tons of unreadable typoes. And I think we’re pretty open with people who are ESL or of that sort, as long as we are aware they are. It’s only the people who should obviously know english well enough to not fail out of high school who seem to anger us, and why not? Why should we have to put up with their unwillingness to make a readably written post? Why should we be the ones punished for expecting this?

The fact of the matter is that there are going to be people who don’t fit on this board, and it doesn’t make sense to support a policy that punishes veterans who support this board only to make some newb who is only gonna stick around for a week feel a little better about himself. We have no shortage of new people assimilating into these forums, and it’s because most newbs who stick around longer than a week realize that there are certain standards expected of them if they want to participate here, they learn to accept them, and everyone lives happily ever after. Yes, we were all new, but most of us know we weren’t like that when we came here. We just found some way to assimilate, and we weren’t handed any silver platter.

I just don’t understand your motivation behind posting this now. I’ll admit I don’t really come to this forum at all anymore. I just happened to see the pretty link to this topic in the chat room, and you know I can’t resist clicking the purty link. But is the situation really any worse than it’s ever been? I feel I’m going to get in trouble for saying this, but it seems like you’ve been looking for any excuse to drill into us lately. People (like me) have done far, far worse flames to newbs than what happened to FFMaster. Hell, arguably he wasn’t really flamed at all. Sure, the whole “this post should be closed” crap is pretty retarded, but people have always said that. And we’ve always had that same section of the charter. Why do you bring this up now? I feel like we’ve always just accepted that some newbs are going to get flamed, and while it might go overboard sometimes, sometimes newbs just make really stupid introductory threads. Some realize it and adjust, others leave and nobody is hurt by it. So who does it hurt to enforce this rule? It doesn’t hurt the newb, which the rule is trying to protect. If the newb doesn’t like it, he or she is just gonna leave, maybe fret about it for a day, then find some other board where he’ll be happier at anyway. And if he assimilates, well, maybe he learned a thing or two about forum ettiquette by meeting such a gruff welcoming.

If you want to stop this nonsense, why don’t you just outlaw welcome threads, or make a stickied thread for it like I suggested? Why keep punishing the veterans, who seem to feel more and more like the almighty hand of RPGC is pushing down on them for every minor infraction? I feel like I should have some rights for being here longer than others. Why the hell not? I put more into this community than someone who just came, why should I not be entreated to a special privelege or two? It doesn’t mean I should be put up on a pedestal and hailed as some wise man. I still expect to be told when I’m wrong, and to stay reasonably within the rules of the site. But why should I not get a bit of slack here and there? Now…obviously I do get cut a lot of slack around here, and I get away with things a lot of others don’t…but no one seems to have a problem with that. So why make a rule that no one really seems to care to enforce? And of course, as others assimilate into the site, they should be treated to the same rights and priveleges. It’s just the way social systems work…people stick with a community or group because they love it, yes…but also because they expect to get something back out of it. If people know they’re going to be treated like a newb three years after they’ve been here, it’s not going to do much for the motivation to stick around. Assimilation is just a natural process, and basically every community has some form of “test” or criterion for new members. People want to make sure new entries into a community reasonably meet their expectations of what they expect out of the community they belong to. So to deny people the right to perform these “rites of initiation” if you will, or to take away people’s incentives for sticking with a community, is ultimately harmful to the community. Yes, rules are needed, but it doesn’t mean you have to follow them to the letter for every single situation. I know you understand this.

The rules are the rules and that is all.

A place which caters to people who are going to leave is bound to die. A place which gives a chance for people to come in will survive.

As for outlawing welcome threads, people don’t read the rules as it is so outlawing welcome threads or having a welcome post or forum would have no effect as new folks rarely notice these things.

Zepp: It really depends on the person.

Yes, some newbies deserve to get all the flack they get. But right now, ALL newbies get flack as soon as they make a mistake. Not just the random trolling newbie. It’s like

“Hi, I’m newe!”

I’m with Kagon on this one. People, BE NICE to newbies. Even if they’re posting stupid threads that has been overdone a hundred times in the past (in which case a nice but simple “Check out this thread to see what everyone thought back then” reply will do), even if the posts happen to be in the wrong forum. Newbies are bound to make mistakes, it’s one of the natural laws on any forum.

Even IF they’re trolling, please, DON’T troll back. All you’ve done is to prove you got a bigger wang than aforemented trolling newbie. You’re a veteran, you know the ropes; Act like it and take some fscking responsibility.

And if you think a thread is stupid, the very least you can do is to ignore said “stupid” thread. Give the newbies some slack, people! Sheesh…

Oh, and Zepp: If you think welcome threads are a waste of space, time and bandwidth, that’s your opinion. Others however may think those threads are fun, or like to give a helping hand to newbies, or like to confuse/joke with aforemented newbie in their very own manner. Everyone will always think some threads are stupid; It’s a matter of interests. Let persons post topics about what interests them, and then leave it up to the mods to decide if it breaks the rules or not, 'k?

'Nuff said.

I must concur with the authorities on this subject. But to those who automaticarry trorr the newbies just for their sperring, or for the fact nature of their wercome post …

As opposed to contrived thick Japanese accents?

Well, apart from that, I feer I must aporogize.

… Fer what?

… Werr, you aren’t one of them, but: for this! [hits Strong Bad]

There is only one reason why people flame: It’s a pitful attempt to seem powerful, and hide the fact that my tarantell could beat them into a bloody pulp.

And rules are there to be followed. If we started making exceptions, we would all end up dead. All of you mortals anyway.

We all have our trademark n00b spiels. I steal shoes, NB hands out guns, Jing dances, Crono gives death cookies, and Yar has a few of his (I’m sure) millions of personalities greet them. That’s not really anything out of the ordinary for this board.

All we’re saying is that they need to follow the spamming rule:

Forum Rules: 12. - Please don’t spam. We define spam as, “Any overuse of a topic, or posting the same thread(s) repetitively while consistently talking about very similar subjects with little variety nor discussion-depth in both your thread and the thread’s replies.” An example would be things like, “What is your favorite FF game?” where there is little discussion to be had and the thread itself is not very deep. Trust us, we’ve all seen those threads 38 times already :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I am.

Point. But nothing gets better if you flame the newbie for it.

Like I said, you can either point the newbie to the rules, or point him/her to a previous thread handling the same topic. Both are way more constructive solutions than replying with a “OMFGLOLZWTFDIERARARARARARARARARARAR”. All I’m saying is, leave the modding to the mods. 'k?

Actually, I would define a lot of what you type as spam, especially when I saw you quote someone else’s post which, as I recall, was “lol butt secks,” and not add anything to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

My response

Originally posted by Sinistral
[b]The rules are the rules and that is all.

A place which caters to people who are going to leave is bound to die. A place which gives a chance for people to come in will survive.

As for outlawing welcome threads, people don’t read the rules as it is so outlawing welcome threads or having a welcome post or forum would have no effect as new folks rarely notice these things. [/b]

I really don’t understand this at all. First of all, you say “the rules are the rules”, but then you say people don’t read the rules, so what’s the point of making a new rule? This just makes my mind go around in circles trying to figure it out. I know you’re cynical and pessimistic, but this time I think your logic is just off. Most boards that have “no introductions” rules don’t have any problem enforcing them…and on the occassion that it happens, they’re immediately closed and/or deleted. And if you have a stickied introductions thread…well most people at least read down the posts in order, so the majority of them are bound to notice the thread exists. But of course there will always be a few exceptions, and I don’t see why these few exceptions justify making some rule about them hopeless.

Secondly, we give people more than enouch chances to come in and survive. Hell, it takes all of 15 seconds for a new person to register and start posting. It’s up to the person who starts posting whether he’s gonna bring on the wrath of Cthulhu or something. Seriously, I think this whole thing is being blown out of proportion, and no one answered any of my questions about why these rules are suddenly being magically enforced now instead of some time back. Somehow I doubt it’s any worse than it’s ever been. Newbs have always been flamed, and while Nulani’s statement about people who flame looking for some way to feel above others might be try in many circumstances, sometimes I think it really is just deserved.

  • They’ve always been enforced. The thread is a reminder.

  • However, a month or three ago the mods and admins agreed that the rising degree of uncivility or “assholery” between users was no longer tolerable. Thus, we had to crack down on a few people specifically to show that we were serious about people treating one another civilly. Not holding hands and singing, but being civil. This thread could be an extension of that policy to show it is still being taken seriously. You weren’t around during then though.

  • It’s largely being blown out of proportion because of your playing of the devil’s advocate Zeppy :stuck_out_tongue:

In general guys, if what you say is not going to be constructive, there’s no real reason why it needs to be said.

Thank you, Merlin

Fine, I acquiesce.