Is this a good idea? (involves minecraft and fightclub)

So my sister likes minecraft, and I like minecraft, and I like Fight Club, and she hasn’t seen fightclub.

The idea is that I’m going to be Edward Norton and she gets to be Tyler Durdan. The way we have been doing it is I am going about my business in minecraft, then I go to sleep in it, at which point she takes over and does whatever she wants. I wake up and do whatever I’d do if it were actually me in there. Currently the product of all of this is a journal I am keeping on it. Now she has some creepy stuff in mind, and I have some cool stuctures in mind. I think this is a neat idea. Remember, the end result of all of this is going to be a journal from the minecraft character. Basically, I am asking if this is something people would like. I know it depends largely on how well we pull it off, but I want feedback on the concept.

I wonder if she’d be more apt at being Marla Singer.

Maybe in the future, but right now she is only 13.

Good idea. Minecraft. Pick one.

Who is gonna be Meat Loaf?

Didn’t read post, only read title, saw it was posted by GSG, gonna just answer “no”

Don’t forget the first rule of Minecraft. You do not talk about the penis replicas you made on Minecraft.

You know I just feel like people could be more careful. :\

You missed your chance , she is no longer in grade school.

So when’s the first entry in this amazing journal coming out

Well if you actually want it I’ll put it up somewhere.

At the moment it’s kind of boring because we haven’t done too much. We should start amping up the crazy pretty soon. It’s in the form of a word document.

On a side note you can see that we changed texture packs. At first it was default, now I think it’s MLP. Before that we had an Elfen Lied pack that made it rain blood and all sorts of other neat stuff.