Is their a time you get the comic.

Is their a time you get the comic. Like is it every tuesday or something or is it unorganised.

because your 12 years old, Ill answer your question:
Ummmm…I get comics ,well manga by the way, randomly.It could be months, years, or mere hours

He meant Online life, the online comic this forum is for, you dolt. It supposedly updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, though that is subject to change every other day <_<

Actually, it’s subject to change a lot. But it depends on when are midterms and finals.

Well since I haven’t given an update in a couple of weeks, I may as well do it here.

Sorry for the extended hiatus, but a lot of stuff has hit me at once over the past few weeks. Though the biggest reason the comic is being delayed is because that the next few I have planned involve new spritesheets and backgrounds which I haven’t gotten around to making yet. Lame excuse I know, but I really cannot move it forward until I get those done, and I haven’t had time to do that lately.

I’ll try to have something up for Wednesday, be it another little blurb or something totally unrelated to the main story.

(and I seriously totally haven’t been spending all my free time playing Xenosaga II, don’t look at me like that)

oohhhh, my bad …