Is the main character in a final fantasy game having a sword overused?

Yeah, i’m bored. Someone posed this question to me and i digressed. i dont think it is overused.

I never thought about this, but ya it kinda is. with all the other weapons, you could have a bit more variety.

I’m tempted to say yes, but… no. Yes, it is used far to much… but then again, so is every other traditional weapon. And I tend to dislike wierd weapons, like Gunblade. In fact, I really hated the gunblades.

Amen, brudda.

And really, the sword IS the usual phallic-symbol choice of any RPG hero. And that’s okay.

Nothing against a little variety, but I think it’s nice to stay ‘tried and true.’ Perhaps a bo staff would remain hero-esque.

I’m fine with swords, beside Square probably wouldn’t change it for fear of backlash from fans. FF8 gets grief for a slight change and FF7 and FF8 get grief for doing thigns futuristically like the rest of the FFs. People would compalin abotu Square leaving its route. I like swords since they are powerful (which is partly why Zidane is my least favorite hero). Also, only FF4, FF7, FF8, and FF10 have had heroes with swords. The rest were classes or a hero with no sword.

They need to use katanas more. nodnod

That’s the classic bad-guy weapon though.

Most RPGs are using swords to much.

I think we all know swords are used in RPGs as weapons to their fullest extent, but I don’t think they’re overused. Swords are just very traditional weapons and you if think about the midieval environment the majority of RPS are in, their use is quite appropriate.

Swords are kewl~ I jus’ love swords!!! Who would want the main char in the FF series to use axe or a whip as their main weapon?? i.e. Cecil, the Dark Knight of Baron, uses his whip to WHOOPASS!!! :enguard:

There’s nothing wrong with swords. There are cooler weapons but they usually wouldn’t suit heroes, since most heroes are whiney or annoying in some way.

Swords aren’t overused. There are FF heroes who don’t use swords, like Zidane (and I know he uses knives, but knives aren’t swords :P).

A Sword is just a long knife… Lets look at all the chars who dont use swords. Zidane, Cecil had the ability to use staves and bows, and there was a time he HAD to use them.(thinks really hard) I can’t realy say the ones where you have job class. Yuna uses a gun, with the right dressphere… Being able to choose your characters class makes it hard to point out what character use swords and what ones dont… i guess.

I think any kind of blade as a weapon for the main character is extremely old. Im not saying they should “go against the FF flow” but a new FF game with the hero cracking a whip or wielding a spear would make me happy.

I can agree with Vash, to an extent. but ya gotta look atthe main char and see WHY they wield a sword. The main chars class is almost always a Knight. Knights use swords. They should make a Dragoon the main char… Zidane was a Thief, and used classical thief weapons. It all depends on the main chars class.

Right. It isn’t so much that the main character using swords is overused, its just that the main character being a knight is overused.

And I loved gunblades, but thats my opinion, not yours.

Yeah, they mostly had swords, but that fact is never blatant, in my opinion. A gunblade, while obvious a lengthy bladed weapon, is a far cry from the buster sword or Tidus’ weapon.

Personally, I think it’s far more notable that most of the main characters in the Final Fantasy series have been male :stuck_out_tongue: and when they’re female, they’re . . . well, look at FFX-2 :eek:

It would be nice to see a female sword bearer be the main character for once (Beatrix, anyone? She rocked :D).

Beatrix shows that it can be done. I know that I was always tyign to get Steiner to eb mroe pwoerful than her since she was jsut so powerful. It didn’t bother me in the least. FF8 was probabyl the best at includign females. While the hero was male, there was an equal amount of females and they were pretty even with the guys.

you kidding, Selphie had the most powerful limit break in the game. Allthough, it does seem they dont put women in the lead rolls that much.