Is the chat room still around?

The most recent information regarding servers for the chat are from 2006?
I tried connecting, but it seems to go nowhere and time out.

It would be nice to be able to real-time discuss some old school D&D/AD&D real-time with otehr old school players.

If RPGC no longer hosts an IRC location, I’d like to offer one.

I myself RP via IRC on, and am an administrator for an IRC network called “TelLaerad”

The network software lends itself well to real time RP via text, with integrated features for dice rolling (some of which is geared specifically for AD&D/D&D), custom commands for chanops (DM’s?) to talk and emote as an NPC without additional client connects, and a feature to forward channel text to another channel, facilitating “watchers” to be in a seperate channel from the actual play.
If you have any questions, feel free to prod a staff member for help.

(or if the network name is hard to remember)
irc:// and
irc:// will take you there as well.

or if you prefer a web interface

It’s still around. [strike]I’ll see if I can’t get around to updating /Chat[/strike]. In the meantime, there’s more up to date information on I’ve updated /Chat.