Is Square-Enix building up Sephiroth too much?

Is Square-Enix making too big a deal out of Sephiroth? Before the compilation, Square didn’t treat him as too much more than any other bad guy in FF - equivalent to Kuja, Sin, etc. It was the fans that made a big deal out of him, not because he deserved it, but because they loved FF7 (and maybe cause he killed a favorite character). But they interpreted him in many ways, as fans do, some think of him as misguided, others as pure evil.
But the point is, now Square seems to be making him up as the baddest villain the world ever did see. He’s the bad guy in AC, a prominent antagonist in KH, KH2, I think he plays a big role in Crisis Core, not sure if he’s the head bad guy though. But, there is plenty of gold left for villains - Hojo, Shinra, the Gi Tribe, Weapons, Jenova, 957 invading tonberries. So is Sephiroth getting too much undeserved support?

Sephiroth was obviously the main villain in FF7, so it’s fair game to make him the main villain in all the rest of the FF7 stuff. I honestly think his role in KH1 was chosen because a) he’s the most popular villain so far and the FF appearances in KH were all about fanservice; and b) despite his popularity, in the original game he was an extreme pushover, so this was Square’s chance to actually make him a difficult fight. :sunglasses: And once he was included in KH1, KH2 basically just fleshed that out.

To clarify: I guess what I’m saying is - the fans have always made a big deal by pushing up Sephiroth. Is Square going along with this just for that fact, just catering to fans by making Sephiroth the bad guy in everything, foregoing more original material, and is it right/artistically good to do this?

i think that square are using sephiroth a bit too much. takin nothin away from FFVII-great game,characters,everything

Yes they are. No it’s not.

I’ve already said like a million times that Seph is a nice villain but horribly overrated by the massive (i.e. louder) crowd, an opinion that I extend to all of FFVII. No, it’s not okay to oversee Kefka, Kuja, Rufus and plenty of other equally interesting characters in favour of a supposed favourite, but since he was only portrayed in either extremely irrelevant roles as fanservice (KH1/KH2) or roles in which it wouldn’t make sense to have somebody else (AC), I don’t really care.

I totaly agree. I think it was due to the fact everyone loved FFVII and which that game made the ff series a hit. After that game was made and the others after, still ffVII is still the most popular game in that series. But anyway I agree also what theWallflower said that he killed a favourite character.

What do you agree with? I didn’t make a stand either way in my initial post.

[QUOTE=theWallflower]It was the fans that made a big deal out of him, not because he deserved it, but because they loved FF7 (and maybe cause he killed a favorite character)QUOTE]

Thats what im agreeing with.

Why I like Sephiroth: Looks cool, has a huge sword (my favorite sword, in fact, the Masamune), has One Winged Angel as his theme.

Why fans love him: killed a certain someone, first 3d FF villain, super strong

villains about as good as him: Garland (FFI), X-Death, Kefka, Rufus Shinra, Kuja

Why Sephiroth is used in KH and KH2: partly because of his popularity, and partly (I believe) because he is one of the few FF villains whom one could fight with a keyblade. I suppose it would be possible to fight Garland, ut you dont see his strength very much. The others rely more on magic than strength, so you have to use a character who is capable of slaying a dragon in two hits. Also, they may have been trying to promote AC a little (they are in their AC gear).

As for the original question: Yes. Enough with Sephiroth. As much as i like him, he needs a rest. Same goes for the FFVII series itself. Let DOC be the end.

Sephiroth is overcompensating for his shortcomings.

Sepheroth has more money than you.

BTW he is overated. Any more typing will ruin my post.

Well duh why else would he carry around such large sword?

Sephiroth <3

I think they’ve gone way beyond beating a dead horse so much so that it doesn’t really matter…I’m still waiting for a FINAL Final Fantasy. There’s like what, 12 now, with XIII on the way? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s got something to do with the white hair? I’ ve seen that archetype a lot in anime as well. The ultimate villian always has long white hair, feminine facial features, master of a particular weapon, and other features that make him better than everyone else. Some examples of the top of my head are Sesshomaru (Inuyasha) and Griffith (Berserk).

Is it just me, or has Square-Enix really blown FF7 out of proportion? Not only did FF7 sucked, it should have just stopped there. Now they have like a prequel, another prequel, a sequel, a side-game, a movie… what the hell is next?

You could say the same for the Super Mario series.

Techically, Sephiroth is not the ‘main villian’. That role goes to Hojo, the man whose on two ocassions almost destoryed the world.

I agree 101%

Yay necropost!
Seriously, are you just looking through very very old threads and randomly replying to them? -_-
Sephiroth has about fifty times the screen time that Hojo has, and is the final boss with three different forms. I don’t think it matters what Hojo tried to do.

Cidolfas: You have to remember, Sephiroth really didn’t get actual screen-time (save flashbacks, North Cave, & final battle). But Hojo’s the type of main villian who works in the background.