Is Quintessential Player any good?

I’ve heard it’s a nice alternative to Winamp, but is it better? And if so, how? Does it support Winamp plugins?


Why do people not use winamp anymore?


I use winamp.

It’s just the WinAmp people have stopped working on it, so there’ll be no more major updates. At least, that’s what I assume it is. I still use it though.

Why does it require updates? What do updates have to do with the current functionality of the program and why someone wouldn’t want to use it when the program works fine?

Nothing, but it’s likely that this will become much better as new updates come out. Some people are just changing over now. I think.

The only reason I’m even considering not using Winamp anymore is because I’ve heard that Quintessential is better. And even then, I might just stick with Winamp.

How can it be better? It plays fucking music :P. What does quintessential do? Blow you?

Not yet, but it could happen. Anyway I don’t know, better quality, better videos, more options. [STRIKE]Porn maker.[/STRIKE] I’m not on any development teams, so I wouldn’t know.

No, but it can serve tea and cakes. Or maybe it’s just more functional?

I love my Winamp5 skin. You’re all traitors.

What’s “more functional” ?

More input and output codecs?


Sound and video, like FLAC and Matroska? I honestly don’t know, I haven’t used Quintessential Player.

Sounds like retarded bells and whistles to me.

Just drop it Sin, you aren’t talking about the same things here. If you only use Winamp for playing MP3, then, like you say, it doesn’t need any updates. The problem comes with other functions like editing, video playing and all that shit.

But there are different and far better programs for editing/whatever that are specifically designed to do so. Why does Winamp need them?