Is Kindom Of Hearts worth the play...?

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Zhare, not only did you double post, but it was the exact same thing. What…?

I dont know why.
Maybe I’m Insane.

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Maybe I’m Insane.

Aren’t we all?

Wow! Sounds REALLY REALLY Good! I’m Definitely gonna get This. I mean, There’s magic, Create your own ship, Summons. But, They are FF SUMMONS or New Summons???

Disney Summons. Simba,Bambi and stuff.

Are you serious???


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Kingdom Hearts has the best of RPG styles to offer along with some fun Disney stuff filtered into it. Not to mention the very Zekda-like fighting style. You actually fight but have levels and stats. It’s a bit hard to get the controls at first, but you’ll be pro in no time. Don’t rent it. Save and buy it. The Final Fantasy elements are in it and that makes it cool, but it keeps it’s own game as well. I very much enjoyed this game and have to say, the music rules. Go download Kingdom hearts - Dearly Beloved… my gosh that’s the best! Also Hikari! I like the remix. And spoiler!

My favorite part was getting to fly in Never-Never Land! It was so unique and just what any gamer wishes for in a game!! Also, the final battle in the colluseum with Sephiroth was just too cool! The ending was really good too, far better then the crappy ones for FF7 and FFX!

Danryd I know it sounds gay but the summons are useful. Well actually only one is: Tinkerbell, she fucking rocks. Why? Whilst she is summoned you are constantly healed, then if you die, you get ressurected. Anyway I would not use any other summon since they all suck.

It’s not on par with FFVII or Xenogears, but it’s still awesome.

Yup Omega’s right, but personally I think FF7 is better, but not by much. But if Deep Dive is anything to go by KH2 is gonna be fucking awesome.

Eh, Genie’s a good summon too, if there’s too much stuff around. He loses his usefullness later though. I always summon Tinker Bell for bosses, though.

And there’s only one party member, you know like Zelda Did (Link)? Or is more like Chrono Trigger, party member fight simultaneously…?

3 party members, you control one.

Yea. Donald and Goofy are controlled by a moderatly intelligent AI.

At least you can configure their AI.

Very kick ass game, cant really say anything else. Everybody pretty much said it all. I would recommend to all fans of squaresoft. Off topic ryan bomber your avatar kicks ass.

In short: hell yes KH is worth it. Hell IMO it’s worth it for the FF characters alone.

Ok… I get the point… BUY IT!!! I’ll get it as soon as I can.

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