Is it strange for a 25 year old to be staying at a college dorm?

I’m thinking of living on campus when I start going to a four year university. Is that odd? It’s convient, if not a bit more pricey. It’s just the age thing that worries me. Problem is, I’ll be 25 by the time I get there.

You’ll feel out of place. Being 20 and in the dorms still feels weird.

Do you look young and feel comfortable with immature people? If so, not a problem. Also, you might look into becoming an RA (Residential Assistant), or whatever the position is called at your school. It would seem far more normal to have an old RA than to have an old hallmate.

  1. You can buy alcohol
  2. You probably have a car if you’re 25?
  3. Girls will assume you are more mature than the other 18 year old dumbasses around, even if it isn’t true.

So yes, it will be strange, but strange in a wonderful way.

In some campuses they have dorms that are made for non-traditional students. You might want to look into that.

[QUOTE=zepplin] 3) Girls will assume you are more mature than the other 18 year old dumbasses around, even if it isn’t true.[QUOTE]

Which leaves you to consider the question, “Is a 7-year age gap a big deal or not?”

Well I wouldn’t have thought that there would be a problem with it. Since in my dorm there is a guy in his forth year, who is about 23/24.

And also there is a guy who is a very late student. don’t know how old he actually is, but he is at least late thirties/early fourties.

But then again, as far as I know that is not very typical. But whatever.

I know a guy here whos a freshman and is 32. I think hes already got an associate degree (unrelated to his major though).

Do you look noticeably older than the other students? That pretty much determines how weird it would be.

Do what’s best for your academic pursuits. If that means staying on campus, then fuck the convention of age. If staying off campus would be better for actually going to classes/getting work done/while holding down a job, then do that. Considerations of social life shouldn’t even enter into it. Unless you’re rich and don’t really have to worry about consequences.

<small>(your time to jump in on that note, SG - just a feeling)<small>

Social Life isnt a factor at all. If I go to a dorm, that means I wouldnt be paying rent and bills (except for any personal ones like cell phone, credit card, etc) and stuff, and I would only need to work enough to cover those. So I can fully focus on school. If I get an apt. I would need to work like a dog to be able to live there, which means I wouldnt be able to put as much devotion into school as I would want.

In my experiences, living off campus (especially if you have roommates) costs less than living on campus.