Is it possible to find love on this Poll and Surveys forum?

the person who i am talking about knows who she is…
do you think we could ever be? is our love limited to 1000 characters or less? please help me win her heart… any suggestions???

Only if the poll is accurate, reliable, and valid.

Proposing a 1000-character orgy to someone you want to woo will result to her either loving you or hating you.

These text boxes are not solely limited to simple letters and numbers! …you have access to symbols and other random shapes of various sizes and form!

Use them to your advantage! :smiley:

Well if it’s possible to find love on the battlefield, than sure, why not!?

sup james

sperm in her ass

make her shit your cum


Well, you know what they say, “Love is like an eagle in the ocean.”

Hunting for fish? An eagle could probably end up in the ocean on its own. Well maybe not since they are extinct…

Oceans aren’t extinct you dumnshit!

I’m pretty sure they are all just oil now, thank you ver much.

If everyone’s post was filled with the word “cuntberries” over and over again, this forum would still read the same.

Sounds about right.


No, but you can find a family in the chat.