Is it me, or is there next to nothing coming out for any consoles?

I looked on gamespot’s new release list between now and september, and there’s maybe 3 games coming out every three weeks between the 360 and the PS3, not counting licensed MP titles.

Guess that’s what happens when you ditch your last gen console for the new generation.

You just got me worried. Wii prices are finally falling down and coming close to the prices in US and I am about to buy one. But I’ll give this idea up if there are too few titles.

Oh well… Gonna wait for Christmas to see if more games come out, then.

Super Paper Mario comes out today.

Three games out every three weeks doesn’t sound that bad at all… Do you guys seriously need to buy a new game each month??

DR, you are right - it is quiet on the gaming front this month. Just for fun I compared the list of games released in April vs. March releases, and April = hibernation for hardcore gamers. Mind you, I don’t mind the slowdown; I am still playing the games that I’ve got last year.

Hey, Europe called. They want their WHINING back.

Hahahahahahahaha. I’m not whining. I dont have a next gen console, nor do I plan to get anytime soon. I have like 5 games either untouched or barely started, and there’s a few more PS2 games I want, so I’m good for a long time. I was just making an observation.

And to the one guy, I just wasnt talking about april, but for the next several months.

One thing the Wii is good for though is releasing all the classics from past consoles… so that helps in between games as well. I still have games I bought for the N64 I’ve barely played :wave:

It is called wanting variety and choice. Als, some people do like to buy a lot of games…like Mr. Saturn.

I used to do that… and then I looked at the numerous games I’ve never had time to play and say “Why did I buy that?” But there is something to just having them in a collection (like RPGs)… so I try to buy most of mine used now to save cash. :slight_smile:

I am posting the same link on two threads:

It fits both nicely.

Solid Motherfucking Snake is coming out for PS3 when he is good and ready.

Stop pretending, Arac. We all know that a new MGS will take time from your perfect game of MGS1. And deep inside you know you’ll only reach a perfect game when you can do it by heart, blindfolded and singing paeans to Joe Strummer. We know.