Is it just me...

Or do I, Jesus Christ: Son of God. Look alot like a black Chuck Norris?
(Not in this pic)

Oh jesus, you card.

But yeah, you look nothing like chuck norris.
Don’t insult him like that :x

I dunno, Jesus kinda looks like The Rock, only less buff and with a beard. :o

This messageboard seems to reach new depths of thoughtfulness every day.

Who on earth in Chuck Norris?

HAHAHA, who’s chuck norris. Get this. She doesnt know who Chuck Norris is. What a maroon.

Should I?

Martial Artist Actor., Did a show called Walker, Texas Ranger and a couple other things. Wouldn’t expect anyone outside of America to know about him. Definitely not Norwegians.

He’ll roundhouse you.

Fuck, now I have to post the facts.

My math teacher went to the same Karate school that Chuck Norris did.

He must be a demigod or something, then.

thats just…awsome :bowser:

The quickest way to a man’s heart is with Chuck Norris’s fist.


Oh wow, now THAT is some edgy shit.

You fail at being funny.

You fail at darts.