Is anyone else experiencing AIM fuck-ups?

Around last night I got a message that says, your Screen name and buddy list are currently unavailable, but not deleted. Please try again later.

Well here I am and getting the same messages. I’m not bitter, but god damn!! Is anyone having the same issues??

IM always makes my computer lag so much that I don’t bother using it anymore cept for once in a great long while.

All seems fine…I experienced problems awhile back with my buddy share, but that was because I hadn’t upgraded I guess…maybe try reinstalling it…?

Nah, it’s a fairly new version, and it isn’t even my computer. Mabey it’s the internet service around here…It’s pretty f**ked up on campus anyways.

I think it has to do with your connection and/or AIM’s set-up…

A much more annoying bug is when you get IM’ed and you can’t see what they type.

My AIM screwed up yesterday and this morning, but at the moment its fine.

Never used AIM, so I can’t complain, or praise it. But what you’re saying does sound very irratating!

I’m not, but I don’t use the normal aim client.

Originally posted by Nulani
I’m not, but I don’t use the normal aim client.

I use DeadAim, and it still screws up.

I haven’t had any AIM problems after I started using Trillian. I don’t think I had any before either.

there will be times when i wont be allowed on one of my screenames…but im allowed on others…i think AIM is just generally buggy…

BTW the screename i always use is ZackOfSolider…just so you know…

Originally posted by Cala
I use DeadAim, and it still screws up.

I use Gaim, mostly because of its cross platform and cross protocol features.

I have had the same problem katagon, several times, and i have no clue what its from.

you arent alone, my friend who also has aim has had it happen too.