Iria - Zeiram (The Animation)

I was thinking about how I never really liked anime. Then, after all these years, it donned on me that there was that one anime that one time that tickeled my fancy. After some hunting, I found it’s title - Iria.

So, does anybody know where I can “acquire” this?

ive never heard of it but illsee what i can do if it isnt licensed you can prolyl get it thru a torrent.

Hey, theres an iria in star ocean also

It’s licensed. You can buy it. It’s about six episodes long, so it shouldn’t be too much.

Well, there’s like, two movies. That’s what I’m looking for.

I owned the DVD box set in the collector tin the day it launched in america. I love, love LOVE Iria…

And yes, I’ve been annoyed with alot of anime as well lately.

You can go to maybe you can find it there…

They got the whole OVA at bestprices for like 30 bucks.

Hongfire has it.

looks at box and drools Yes, thats my baby!