IRC woes...

So I’ve been using IRC, hopping on to EFnet (yes, I’m aware that it blows, but it’s the only place I can reliably find games for Apprentice), but as of late, I’m disconnected every 30 seconds. Nothing else is disrupted (thankfully), just mIRC.

My comp runs ME (grah, shut up, I know it sucks), it’s networked to some other comps at my house (speaking of which, if someone could try to help me find out why it won’t show up on the network or show the other computers, thanks), connected by cable modem. It runs pretty well 'cept for the IRC thing.

Do the other computers have Windows XP as OS?

Actually, they do.

The not showing up on other computers thing could be a firewall problem.

I showed up and could share before I reformatted, but not now.

I had the same “one of the computers does not show up in the network” problem. Apparently Windows XP has some trouble viewing machines with Windows 98 (I don’t know as for other systems). I could only ping the computers with Windows 98. When I got Windows XP in all of them, the problem was gone.

I asked my mom about installing XP on this computer (HP Pavilion mx70 (so it says on the monitor) (tower said 7940)), and she said it wouldn’t work for some reason.

Go on ‘Start -> Execute’ and then type “dxdiag” (without the quotes). It will show your computer specs. Post them here so someone can say whether XP will run or not.

System Information
Time of this report: 5/30/2004, 19:48:25
       Machine name: Mark
   Operating System: Windows Me (4.90, Build 3000)  
           Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
       System Model: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
               BIOS: Phoenix
          Processor: Intel Pentium III, ~1.0GHz
             Memory: 510MB RAM
          Page File: 213MB used, 1324MB available
        Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
    DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0b (4.09.0000.0902)
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
     DxDiag Version: 4.09.0000.0902 32bit

Your machine is a hulk, there is no way it wouldn’t run Windows XP!

You problem with computers not being visible probably has something to do with your workgroup settings. Win 98 has a default workgroup of WORKGROUP, but win XP and I believe win ME have a default of MSHOME. Just change that to workground and everything should work fine.

This never worked with me.

Ren: I think my mom gave me a reason, but now she don’t remember and she says I can’t do it because you can’t use the same key twice or somesuch (ME came with this comp, as far as I know and they had XP).

Dark Sand: We’re all in MSHOME.

Oh, I see.

You see, for Windows XP to work, you’ve got to ‘activate’ it. Otherwise, you’ll have it working for 30 days only, then it won’t let you use it.

Problem is, you activate either by the internet or by calling Microsoft, and they try their hardest to make it one activation per CD.

In other words, even if you do have Windows XP’s CD at home, you’ll have to buy another one to install it in this computer.

MS says that if you use one CD to install it in two machines, you’re practicing piracy.

MS sucks.

Unless of course you do pirate it and find something for it on-line.

You could also phone MS and say, “Hey, my computer’s had a problem. I had to reinstall the system and I can’t use internet now. But I need to activate XP.”

They’ll instruct you on how to activate XP on your other machine, so you get two activations with one CD.

That’d actually work? Wouldn’t they check to see it?

A friend of mine activated 3 computers like that.

He started by activating one, then calling MS and claiming he’d got Blaster when he activated one for the first time (internet activation). So he got a second activation, this one being offline. He then claimed he went into updating his antivirus after installing, but while downloading the update he got Blaster again. This way he got his third activation.

So can anyone do anything about the IRC issue? :stuck_out_tongue: