IRC - the 'dark alley' the internet

…says the NYT

EDIT-Shit, you need a subscripition to read the actual NYT article >_<

they obviously have never seen the gamefaqs forums, or AOL chats.

IRC is nothing compared to those hellholes.
…likewise, i try to stay out of chatrooms that sound evil, you know, things like “furtopia” or “bondage slaves r us”

He was reminding me I was evil…
… as if I could forget giggles

It’s true though =o IRC is evil. With all those net splits, how could anyone keep up a decent month long conversation?


“Mommy, whats IRC?”

“It’s a bad place, Billy…full of evil soul-stealing monsters that eat kids and listen to Emo.”

I’m so going to hell.

I could of sworn you were already there.

Despite common belief, Holland is not a vast pool of lava and torture. Mostly.

Yeah, it has a lot more whores.

I especially liked the second person’s reply on slashdot.

TD lies.

Anyway, I must say I do find the whole article quite laughable. Definatly scaremongering tactics :stuck_out_tongue:

But I mean, who get warez or mp3s from IRC, honestly >.>

For most sites with registration, you can use:

username: fuckedco
password: fuckedco

If that doesn’t work, try -

username: luckedco
password: luckedco

One of these two will work on just about any news site. Thank the community.

I’m evil!

Wow, way to stereotype. You gain 5 journalistic experience points!

Reminds me of that article PA linked that said that video games were evil, basing it solely on GTA:Vice City.

If you cant see the article because you dont have a subscription, i’ll sum up some of the points it makes that slashdot doesnt mention.

  1. IRC is where all viruses come from
  2. IRC is where all piracy starts
  3. IRC is where files for P2P applications come from
  4. IRC is for kiddy porn
  5. IRC is for ‘real world’ piracy leaders
  6. The government is cracking down on IRC
  7. If you use IRC you will burn in <strike>holland</strike>hell

Someone should hook this reporter up with a USENET password. His head will explode 8D8D8D