Invader Zim

I guess this would go here, since it’s not anime.

Who’s seen Invader Zim?
What did you think of it?
Who’s your favorite character?
Favorite quote?


Feel the power of the Zim-ness. Feel it… :enguard:

It was pretty funny the few times I saw it, but what happenned to it? I don’t see it around anymore…

As far as I know, Invader Zim was cancelled where I live a few years ago. I thought it was really cool, even though it was out only about 1 year here. Curse Timmy Turner and his evil parent fairies of DOOM that took Zim’s place.

There are SOME funny parts to the Fairly Oddparents…

Zim was cancelled altogether awhile back, but it’s pretty easy to find the DVDs now. Just go to HMV.

Fairlyodd parents didn’t replace Zim. They were released at the same time. Invader Zim just didn’t seem to appeal to little kids like Fairlyodd parents did, so Nickelodeon pulled, I guess. It plays on the Nicktoon channel(Nickelodeon’s equivalent of Boomerang), but only reruns. Gir’s always been my favorite character. Bought Volume 1 when it came out. I loved that show.
“The giant radioactive rubber pants command me!”

Speaking of old TV cartoons, anyone remember Darkwing Duck? I used to love that. I loved the whole Batman spoof.

Wait, it plays on the Nick toons channel? Up on 300 what ever? I’m going to start looking for Zim now.

Darkwing duck was awesome. Took me a few years to learn Goslins name was just a play on gosling. It plays on Toon Disney still I believe. I haven’t checked in awhile, but it used to be on late.

I think Toon Disney added a bunch of crap to their schedule, which pushed out some good shows like Darkwing Duck and Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers and stuff. But I can only watch that channel when I’m back home, so I’m not sure.

As for Invader Zim, yeah, it debuted the same day as the Fairly Odd Parents. It was canned because it didn’t appeal to kids (Anybody who knows anything about the creator, Jhonen Vasquez, could tell you that he doesn’t do kid-friendly stuff… read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac or something to see), and it didn’t really “fit” with the rest of Nick’s cartoons.

Anyway, yeah, Zim still plays on the Nicktoons channel, so that’s good. There’s also Zim DVDs you can buy, apparently. And I like Zim, but it’s a bit over-rated on the internet. And GIR’s cool and all, but he gets annoying at times. I prefer Gaz myself…

Gaz and GIR are my favorites, and that…girl…Irken…person. The one that hates Zim because he screwed her. XD

I’m gonna get the DVDs as soon as I can.

In conclusion, Zim rox.

I thought it got canned because parents complained about it.

I miss zim :frowning:

I think her name was Tak

Zim and Gir were my favorites. Especially when they’re together. Nothing matches the mayhem those two can cause.

It’ too bad Zim doesn’t win.

I gots the dvds :slight_smile:

Zim was real fun to watch, it’s too bad that Nick canned it.

And hold the phone, Darkwing Duck? GOOD? If I was to compliment that show I’d use the term “slightly less excruciating than a direct application of tabasco sauce with a light sprinkling of vinegar to the retinas” instead of “good.” I swear that was the most annoying show I’ve ever had the displeasure of being raped in the brain by.

I was thinking more along the lines of ‘jamming one’s thumbs deep into one’s eyesockets’ kinda good, but the Tabasco thing works too. :moogle:

Darkwing Duck was the greatest show ever in the history of the universe you stupid piece of stupid!

If Rirse ever makes his way to this topic, he’ll set you straight. =P

Gir was the best, especialyl in the episode where he gained super intelligence:
‘Your intelligence is STUPID!’