Introducing ChaunceyK

Hello all,

Seems this is the only forum I can post in right now (its the only one without a “lock” on it), so I’ll introduce myself here (also seems I actually joined almost 2 years ago but couldn’t figure that out). I guess I have to earn a reputation first before I can post in any other forums?

I started gaming when I was around 12 (25 years ago). Played the Sierra adventure games (Space Quest, King’s Quest, etc). Then I got into the Might & Magic series. Playing was so much different back then, you couldn’t just look up a FAQ on the internet if you were stuck…you had to buy a hint book, and before that, you had to call their TOLL phone number & talk to a live person.

So anyway, that was when I did the bulk of my gaming, in my teens. And over the last few years, I got nostalgiac sometimes & wanted to play the old Might & Magic games, and this has been my primary source for help with them…the RPGC Shrines. So I thank you for that.

I’m just starting M&M 1 for the first time since…probably since I played it the first time over 20 years ago. I was a little surprised to see no one has fully shrined it yet, so I’d like to offer my assistance in some way. Maybe just start with maps for instance, showing hidden doors & fixed encounters.

Also (I realize I’m starting to put alot of different stuff in here, but what the heck, why break it into multiple posts when I can only post in one forum right now anyway??), I found a bunch of dead links… link to Cornell is broken) “Like this game? Why not shrine it?” link is broken)

…and actually, now that I look at it, on the left side of the navigation, the “Join RPGC” link is also broken.

I certainly haven’t scoured all over your site with the sole purpose of finding broken links, but I did find them in my perusal.


Dave Barton

P.S. And in having 2 e-mails returned to me, I’ve also discovered that the “Contact the DB Team!” links are also broken, in that they link to an e-mail address that is no longer functioning ( and Seriously, I’m not trying to pick on your site for the broken links. I don’t know where I’d have been in the Might & Magic series without your shrines…I just want to point out where some of those broken links are.

You have to activate your account before you can post in any other forums. I’ve activated it manually. We unfortunately haven’t as much time as we used to, so you’ll occasionally run into unmaintained parts of the site; that being said, I’ve fixed everything but the link to Cornell.

Welcome to RPGClassics.

Welcome to the site!! Glad to see another from back when 8bit graphics were all the rage.
I think I may still have my original copy of M&M 1 from when I played it on the TSR80 (that was one of the predecessors before the pc for all you kids that didn’t know)
DAMN!! After typing that I feel so damned old now . . . . . think I’ll grab my walker and go and feed the pigeons LMAO!

You’ll find quite a few broken links on here because of the changes that the site has been going through. Not all the sections have been updated yet to the new format and not all the email addys have been updated either. I’m only just back myself after a 5 year absence.

Pfah, the two of you are still kids next to me (just turned 44! :wink: ) and I still feel vital and excited, thanks in no small part to the wonderful community in this site. Well, it’s not as active as it used to be, but it’s still a nice place to hang out. So welcome, Chauncey, hope you enjoy the place as well. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the warm welcome. And thank you, Nulani, for activating my account (I have no idea why I didn’t do it 2 years ago when I first signed up).

I don’t want to be the typical guy who shows up, makes a nice intro, and vows to dedicate himself to the upgrade & maintenance of his new favorite site…only to disappear after 2 or 3 posts. I’m sure the vast majority of us on here are well into adulthood & realize we don’t have that kind of dedication (or free time) to spend on what is essentially a hobby. I thoroughly enjoy my hobbies (music, D&D, tv, with some movies & pc gaming when I feel like it), but I am back in school full-time & I have infant triplets at home, soooo…instead I’ll say “I’d like to help when I feel I can.” :slight_smile:

If you like, I can continue pointing out whatever dead links I happen across. I get the impression its not as high a priority it was as when the site was first being built, and that’s understandable.

I would like to make some maps of M&M1 as I play along & donate them to RPGC in hopes of building a Shrine, although I fully expect NOT to finish them all any time soon (my goal is to place landmarks on each map, namely secret doors, set encounters, and set items). I wouldn’t want to attempt writing a walkthrough, so I’m glad there’s already one on there.

And speaking of Shrines, I see there’s some debate about whether to switch to Wiki format. Myself personally, I like the look of the Shrines. They’re just “prettier” to look at. That’s my opinion & I am but one man, so take it for what’s its worth & format it however you wish with whatever maps & such I might make & donate over the next few months.

Thanks again for the site. :slight_smile:

just turned 44 Wilf? man, give me 6 months and I’ll be there.

ChaunceyK, with triplets how do you find time for hobbies let alone for D&D?

My wife goes out a couple times a month with her Mothers Of Multiples group, so I go out a couple times a month & play D&D. I listen to music in the car, and my wife & I watch tv together. Really, most of the work is on her, since I’m in school all day, but she loves taking care of the babies (she’s the oldest of around 30 cousins, so she’s had alot of practice & experience with babies). I help while I’m home, of course. And we keep the babies on a strict feeding schedule, so they’re usually all quiet at the same time (which allows one of us to wander off for some computer time).

In fact, we’re on TLC tomorrow (Friday) with our episode of Make Room For Multiples at 2pm (EST). The first time it aired was a few weeks ago, but its a new series, so they rotate the episodes often. Its not our series entirely, just this one episode is ours (its a different family in each episode). I’ll update my avatar so you can see us all.

EDIT: Changed my Avatar to my wife & older daughter, and the triplets are in my Profile pic.

DN: Hey, I didn’t know you were so close to my age. Nice to know, though I’m still always going to be older, Mwa ha ha.:hahaha;

Chauncey: Triplets?? Geez! Best wishes with them! Nice looking family btw. :slight_smile: