Interview with FFXIII team

My favorite bit:

This time, one of the characteristics of this heroine is that she’s not that feminine. I tried to make her someone very strong, independent. When I asked Mr. Nomura to design this character, I requested someone like a female version of Cloud from FFVII.

Thank god, the era of Rinoa clones may be coming to an end.

This also sounds cool:

EGM: Is the main character of Versus XIII a hero or a villain?
TN: At the beginning of the trailer, there is a quote from Shakespeare about good and evil, about how there is no absolute good or evil. This matches quite well with the concept of FFV13, and that aspect of the game is reflected in the main character … a real ambivalence towards good and evil.

EGM: Do your actions determine if your character is good or evil?
TN: That’s an interesting idea, [laughs]

Yesssssss. :mwahaha:

While I do very, VERY much like the idea of a female counterpart that doesn’t get relegated to damsel in distress, this could be a problem. While it’s not too common in games, we all know the stereotype for non-feminine female leads in most Anime: A bitchy, loud and generally obnoxious brute.

Now, this could be done right and there’s plenty of archetypes to choose from. Calm, quiet and yet powerful characters like Freya, Beatrix and… let’s take a stretch and pretend Agrias had more dialogue, are my favourite and judging from the article, we could very well end up with something like that, but I swear if Nomura transplants Cloud’s mentally disrupted bishonen stereotype into a boob-wielding body I’m going to kill someone.

Just my two cents, I’ll wait and see how that turns out.

Butch feminist lesbian with buster sword. That’s what we need.

I second TD. Still, if you can choose between good and evil, will you really get to do some evil stuff (i.e. literally choosing between ruling and saving the world), or will you merely be given choices but still mostly have the same overall ends if not necessarily using the same means (a la KotoR)?

Just wait until you get to Chris Lightfellow in Suikoden 3.

A female clone of Squall? Another clone of that failure, right.

(fem squall=tifa or sth?)

No one mentioned Squall anywhere. Are you confusing him with Cloud? (And as for Tifa being a female Squall… I have no idea how anyone could make that connection…)

Particularly since FF7, the game Tifa’s from, was made before FF8, which Squall’s from.

Anyway, what is “sth” supposed to mean in that context?