Internet Problems

Ok I put this up because I figured someone could help. For some reason whenever I go to some sites, I can’t log in. I go there log in and it just takes me back to the same screen, and I’m still not logged in. On another it logs me in, but as soon as I make a post or something it signs me off. Sometimes if I clear my private data it lets me log in, once. If anyone can help it would be really appreciated.

This happens to me on this forum. It probably happen because we spen too much time on one page, and it automatically loggs us off. Probably for bandwith or something gay. I dont know too much about the inner workings of this site, so im just guessing.

Usually it’d be a cookies issue, by the sounds of it.

It doesn’t happen to me on this site, and a few others. Usually on sites that are new to me. Just recently it started acting weird on this one site. I’ve tried clearning cookies.

Don’t guess if you have no idea what you’re talking about. Which you don’t.

But yes, this is a cookies issue. What browser do you use/do you have cookies enabled for these websites?

I’ll try enabling some cookies then. I use Firefox, but it happened to me on Internet Explorer also,.

Ok just recently it started acting funny on a different site. It let me sign on the first time, but after I made a post or pmed someone or did something like that it would log me off.

After logging me off it wouldn’t log me back on, and so I looked at my cookies. I have found a certain cookie that, if deleted, will let me sign on again. After that the same cookie would be put on my computer. So it would continue to do this unless I keep deleting the cookie. I have a feeling this is the same problem on other forums, a cookie.