Internet Explorer and pdfs

Strangely, my laptop won’t load pdfs from the browser, but my desktop will. This bothers me because research papers are usually only available through the browser, it needs to load it so you can save it (which I need to do); I can’t do right click save as. Help?

Have you tried Firefox?

No, seriously. I’ve never had a problem opening pdf’s in Firefox. Of course they take a fucking age to do so, but they do eventually open.

Failing that; upgrade your Acrobat reader?

Its upgraded to the latest version and I’m not too hot for installing browsers I don’t need. I just want to configure IE or the reader to show me my pdfs.

Have you downloaded Adobe Reader 6.0?

Just out of curiosity, are you getting these PDFs from “EBSCOHost”?

Xelo: yes

Dev: no; scientific journals that don’t directly link to their files.

Open the Acrobat Reader, then go to Edit -> Preferences -> Internet. The first checkbox should say something like “view PDF’s in browser”.

BTW, did anybody hear about the next version of the Reader? I was told it’s going to support videos and sound files in the PDF’s.