Internet Explorer 6.0


Could someone please tell me how to remove internet explorer 6 from windows xp.

Control panel > Add/Remove Program > IE?

Or did MS make it impossible to remove? I’ve never tried myself, I just switched to Firefox.

They like made it impossible to remove. I have firefox to but its not letting me do some of the things I want to do. Like in messenger i can’t click on the link to check my email, I have to go open up firefox and go to hotmail and login to check it. Which takes like 2-3 minutes because i’m on dial-up internet.

If you set firefox as your default, you should never see IE.

Not true, Devillion. Most MS products don’t give a flying fudge about your default program, they just pop open IE.

Xelo is right. Some MS programs refuse to use anything but IE. If you set Firefox to default a lot pf pages (especially ‘official’ ones like any TV network site or MSN itself) refuse to play certain forms of media or embedded videos.

I just have a hyperlink to IE on my Quick Launch tookbar and refuse to let it bother me.