Interested in reserving a shrine -- requesting info first

I tried emailing Merlin and then generic staff at, and my emails were never answered, not even in my spam folder, so I am wondering if maybe AhOLe is auto-blocking this domain. If it is, I am not sure what other email provider to get an address with so I can communicate.

In any case, I’m interested in making a shrine for the old Genesis RPG, Sorcerer’s Kingdom. I’ve played the game many times on my Genesis and through emulation, and I have a lot of save states and have taken a lot of screen shots and I’ve actually built a partial walkthrough, albeit under the old template format, I need to see about porting it over to the new one.

I am using Netscape Composer version 7.2 and I’d like to find out if this is an acceptable form of coding for the pages. I’m sure I can find Mozilla composer if it has to be that specific type, but if Netscape is usable, I’m comfortable with it. Good as I am at hand-coding HTML, typing out the code for tables and stuff gets rather tedious and it’s been so long since I’ve done some of it by hand that I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve forgotten some of the exact syntax, and we all know just how unforgiving HTML is when it comes to the minutest, single typo.

Also if I simply renamed the old template pages from .html to .php would that add in all the stuff that RPGC now uses? Or would I have to copy and paste all the text over page by page and then re-enter the screen shots into the tables?

Finally are you still accepting applications for shrines for old Sega Genesis games? The demand for them is pretty much zero except among video game history buffs and nostalgics.

If you can give me this info, I’ll see about putting in a formal application toward reserving the shrine for Sorcerer’s KIngdom. I see it’s always been in the “available” stage as long as I’ve been visiting this site so I assume there’s been no other interest in enshrining this particular RPG.


Send your request to

Ok, that’s me, and it might seem unnecessary, but I have a backlog of stuff to slog through and I want to do it in the right order. I’ll start going through it early next week once I’m done with finals and all that, so expect an answer then. Provided that no one else has requested to work on that game in the emails I haven’t looked at, you’ll be accepted no problem.

I’m not exactly sure what’s changed in the new templates, but you should be able to just copy and paste most of what you have without altering it.

You shouldn’t have to rewrite any code, but you will have to cut and paste unfortunately, as as the headers and footers have changed sufficiently that the old templates aren’t compatible. And you will have to rewrite toc.txt.