installer question

Hi guys.

As you might recall my computer crashed last year from a trojan. I was able to save my old files (as in, stuff I wrote) but most of the other software I had (emulators etc.) were lost. Since then I’ve been recovering them, of course. I decided to set my desktop as the default place for new programs so that I can see everything I download (and later move it to the appropriate places.)

Well, today I was checking my desktop and noticed a file called WinPcap_4_1_1 . Sounds like some kind of Windows file right? Or probably related to my emulator (DesMume). I just don’t remember what it is for, so can I delete it safely? (The Properties description says it’s the installer).

Hey Wil, I had a look into it and I assume you are talking about an “.exe” file, as that is what I came across! I read it was not an integral system file, however it shouldn’t be deleted unless it is a potential problem.


A lot of other sites say that it has the potential to cause harm as it is an “application” (but then the same can be said to all apps!) My advice would be to leave it, provided your PC is running with no problems! You can always scan it with Malwarebytes if you really want to! :stuck_out_tongue: