Inspiration is like Cupid's arrow; once struck you are compelled to act.

Okay. please Read this and tell me what you think before my head explodes from the sudden inspiration and greatness I think this story has so far. This is not even the whol first chapter but just. Grah I’m going to lose control ofmy hands if I try typing more.

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The blue haired woman looked around the crowded airplane, her great big blue eyes shining while fancy perfumes and the stale smell of airplane food assaulted her nose, and examining the people from many different places, completely absorbed in their own activities. “And they said something was going to happen on this ride.”

Suddenly a small child, five, maybe six years old, sitting 3 rows ahead of her points out the window, “Mommy what’s that bright light?” The woman glances out her window and suddenly focuses on a streaming orange beam flying right at the plane.

The streaming beam of orange energies slams into the plane causing it to explode and the TV screen cuts to a news reporter, “That was the fifth plane shot down this year and is believed to be linked to the terrorist organization called the Pyronian syndicate, their motives are still unclear and we hope to have them captured by the end of the month. In other news Damian Drake, CEO of Dimenstra-Tek corporation celebrated his 35th birthday today at his fund raising banquet in-”

The blond-haired boy watching the screen suddenly averts his attention to the voice calling up to him from downstairs, “Seth, turn that bloody Television off already; you’re going to be late for school! You’ve already missed breakfast. You’re lucky I packed your lunch for you. You’re backpack’s on the table.” The blond haired boy comes sliding down the stair railing while donning a blue and white Hawaiian shirt with a golden dragon on it and tucking it beneath his plain black jogging pants. He kicks off the wall at the bottom of the stairs and, not landing on his feet more than two seconds, runs towards the kitchen of the average five bedroom house.

A brown-haired, middle-aged woman wearing an apron looks over at him, “Seth, how many times have I told you not to be so reckless in the house?”

Seth grabs his backpack off the table and tosses it in the air jumping into the straps while swiping a piece of toast from a dark-haired girl, who is about six with two big dimples on either side of her face’s plate. “Sorrymominahurrygottagobye.”

The girl looks up at him and yells, “HEY, give that back!” but he’s already flung the door open and is running out.

A green-haired girl with her long hair arrayed in two long streams on either side of her head looked from one side of the street to the other, holding onto a cat plushie, shivering slightly, “Alright Chibi-Miloe. We can do this, go into the store and ask them to get brother a bag of milk.”

She slowly walked across the busy city street in one of the older neighborhoods of an obviously well developed city. Cars screeched to a halt as she dodged her way through like a maniac and took off to full speed again as she got all the way to the other side, sighed, and turned to look back at the cars. Seth came running around the corner looking at the store without paying attention and slammed into the girl who spun around and lost her grip on her cat plushie who flew into the middle of the street as a pickup truck came roaring towards it, “NO CHIBI-MILOE!” Suddenly Seth wasn’t sure what had happened but the pickup truck stopped moving forward and flew into the air, flipping eight times before slamming into a fire hydrant on the other side of the street. The driver crawls out of a window holding his head as the girl runs onto the street, grabs the plushie, goes back to the street and gives Seth a very evil glare.

Seth looks at the girl and smiles weakly while putting his hand on the back of his head, “I’m sorry about that. I wasn’t looking where I was going and-”

Seth stopped speaking as the girl stared at him with a very strange, angry, and inquisitive look on her face, said “You’re a VERY BAD MAN,” and stormed off, dropping a card behind her. Her pink dress was ruffled from all the running. She seemed to completely forget why she’d come in the first place.

Seth picked up the card and looked at it. “Seishero Nanami. This is a student card from that school for gifted children up on the north bank. I wonder what she was doing way up here.” Seth walks into the store on the corner as a man wearing a suit and black shades sitting in the passenger side of a black Sedan rolls up his window and drives off.

Seth looks at the old man wearing an orange yellow and blue Hawaiian shirt behind the counter playing with a gold tooth and smiles, “Hey Ratchet, you see what just happened? Some pickup truck tried dodging this girl who went to grab her toy and flipped eight times.”

Ratchet looks at Seth through a pair of dinky glasses with one lens missing and speaks with a very crooked, high-pitched voice, “Yes, that was very odd indeed. So let me guess. You are here because the shipment of games has just gotten in?”

Seth smiles and begins rummaging through old piles of games, “You know me, but there’s one specific game I’m looking for: Masters of the Videan Triad. You have it, right?”

Ratchet looks at Seth and straightens his glasses, as the nose pieces seems to be broken and they continually slip, “Young man, your ability to know exactly what games I get in at this old collectors shop every single month never ceases to amaze me. This is a very special game my friend. Never even been opened. only one remaining of 12 copies printed in the U.S. too. But I doubt you have the money for this one.”

Seth pulls out a credit card, “I’m not the one who needs to worry about the money. Charge it to this card. My dad’s got plenty of money to spare.”

Ratchet frowns slightly and runs the card through a rarely used scanner and hands Seth a plastic bag, with a logo of a smiley face playing video games and Ratchet’s Clanks written over the top on the side of it, with a cartridge inside. “Now hurry off to School or you’re going to be late again.”

Seth was already stuffing the bag into his completely stuffed backpack and running as fast as he could go.

A brown-haired man in a lab coat is staring at a Black man in a white suit while looking down at a homeless man strapped to a table, “But sir, if this doesn’t work it’s murder. Gregin X only works on children. No adult has ever survived being injected.”

The black man just shuffles the collar of his suit and breathes out a big puff of smoke from his large, brown cigar. “Now doctor, be reasonable. No one’s going to miss some poor homeless man. Now give him the injection.”

The doctor looks from the man to the injection then hands a needle full of glowing green liquid to the black man, “Fine.” The black man then puts it into the unconscious man’s arm. His eyes flare open and the color leaves them, making them completely white. He then falls dead.

The black man frowns, “I guess we’ll just have to improve the formula. We’re counting on your work, Dr. Nanami. Clean this mess up.” The black slowly walks out of the room. His many rolls jiggle as he moves.

The doctor looks around the lab, “I signed up for this job to help people, not kill them.” The doc walks over to a cupboard, opens it up and pulls out every flammable substance he can find. He then grabs a vial of the green liquid and pours it down the drain before grabbing all the electronics and research papers, throwing them into a pile, pouring the flammable liquids over them and lighting a match.

Seth goes running into his first period class just as the late bell rings. A very orderly woman whose hair looks like something from a bad 60’s movie coughs as he walks in then speaks with one of those high pitched voices that is a cross between a tuning fork and nails on a chalkboard being spoken through a duck whistle, “Tardiness is not exceptible behaviour, Mr. Davis. You’ll have to spend lunch in detention thinking about ways to get here on time again. Now, as I was saying, we’ve received a new exchange student and I’d like you all to help him out as much as you can as his English isn’t as good as ours.” A short Egyptian boy is standing in front of the class and gazing around as if he’d really rather be somewhere else. A necklace with a green stone on it hangs around his neck and his black hair and hazel eyes give him an ominous aura.

Seth grumbles and sits down in his seat next to a tall, black-haired boy with brown eyes and a huge smirk across his face, “Seth, no wonder no girls want to take a chance on you, you’d be so late they’d think you stood them up.”

Seth gets a very red face and crosses his arms on his desk, “Shut up. Cory, if you weren’t my cousin I’d kick your ass.”

The teacher glares at the two boys, “If you two don’t stop talking while I’m speaking you’ll have another detention.”


Cory and Seth are both sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch. Cory glances over at Seth, “You do remember you have a detention right?”

Seth swallows a huge mouthful of fries, takes a gulp of a coke and belches, “Yeah, but it’s only a 20 minute so it can wait until I’m done eating.”

Cory frowns. “You really need to stop being late all the time. Well, I’m done eating. See you later man.” Cory gets up and leaves through a double door taking him outside. The bright sun glares down on him and makes the lush green grass on either side of the path he’s on shine brightly. Cory sees the Egyptian boy sitting on a bench with his eyes closed when a scrawny little kid with four big friends walks up to the Egyptian boy and looks down on him. Cory slows down his pace to see what happens.

The little kid smirks. “Hey Egyptian kid. Hiro Moto.” The boy’s eyes open and he stares at the boy like a lion who’s just been awoken from a nap. “You look pretty weak, kid. Are you like one of those Ethiopians who doesn’t get fed. You want a sandwich, little Egyptiopian?”

Cory shakes his head and walks closer, “Hey Rowan, leave off the-”

Rowan suddenly screams and falls to the ground and starts bashing his arm against the ground and rubbing it in the grass, “Ahhh! Put it out, put it out! AHH! My arm’s on fire! Somebody stop it!”

Hiro Moto just stands up and as he gets far away waves his hand and Rowan stops moving and looks at his perfectly fine arm with a horrified look on his face. Cory stares at the boy as he walks off then catches a faint green glow from a nearby sewer and walks off. Rowan stands up and with a face that looks like it’s been crying and takes his goons someplace else. Cory goes up to the sewer and sees the grate off. Some construction equipment is laying around as if some men were working on it but were out on lunch break. Cory hops into the sewer and sees a green glow coming from a blocked pipe and takes a look at it, “Wow that’s weird. Hmm…” Cory pulls a towel out of the pipe and a blast of glowing green water blasts him in the face, causing him to cough and sputter up the contents. “Gee whiz, that’s the last time I go swimming around in the sewers.” Cory climbs up a ladder and leaves the sewer, holding his head from a slight headache.

Seth looks around the detention hall, finishing the remnants of a juice box as he walks inside. A large ketchup stain trails down his shirt. He frowns as he sees who’s in charge of the day’s unluckies, “Great. I hope he doesn’t lecture us on the history of the beetle again.”

A scrawny, pointy-nosed man with very fine glasses looks at Seth as he walks in. “So nice o you to join us, Mr. Davis. Your detention period ends in 20 minutes so you’ll be out at 12:35.” The teacher keeps looking at his watch agitatedly as Seth takes a seat.

Seth glances at the other unluckies to wind up in the hall. A very tall and muscular boy is sitting in a corner with a coloring book (Hmm, I see one of Rowan’s goons is in here.) Next to him sits a tall blond haired boy with a football jersey twiddling a pencil around his hand and beside Seth sits a very black and gloomy girl with white makeup and black eyeliner all over her body. (Nothing special today.) Suddenly Hiro Moto walks in and approaches the teacher who smiles as he sees him, “Ahh. Hiro Moto. Nice of you to come. I trust the rest of you can behave for a few minutes while I take a brief leave of you.” The teacher gets up and walks out with Hiro Moto.

Seth looks at him as he walks away, “So that’s the Egyptian kid’s name… Hiro Moto, sounds like something from a bad anime. So Tristan, what are you doing here?”

The dark girl beside him looks over, “Nothing that’s knowledge would benrfit you in any way, but if you must know I got caught spray painting the portables.”

Seth smiles, “Where do you get all that paint? I mean, you’ve spray painted the gym roof, the portables five times, made a huge streaking logo down C hall, and covered over the star display.”

Tristan frowns and glances at the clock lazily. “The star display room was someone else and you forgot the principal’s house and the skate park, but I suppose those are off school property. Well, I’m out of here. If Mr. Thomson gets back, tell him you saw me leave at 12:31.” Tristan stands up and leaves the class while Seth watches the clock turn and thinks about his newest game acquisition.

Seth walks out of school with his loaded backpack ready to go and stops and looks as something ducks behind a nearby wall. “School was boring today; I must be seeing things.” He takes another step and this time he sees what it is peeking over the wall before it ducks down again.

Seishero Nanami is looking at her plushie and shaking it, “What do you mean he saw you? You’re 2 inches tall!” Seishero shakes Chibi-Miloe and then sees two feet next to her and follows them all the way up to Seth’s face, “Um. Hi there, mister.”

Seth smiles and holds his hand out to Seishero, “Are you following me… Seishero, was it?”

Seishero jumps up and away from Seth, her pink dress spinning wildly as she does so, “So you did steal my card. You big meany! My daddy said only bad people steal things. And you’re definitely a VERY BAD PERSON.”

Seth holds his hands up and gets a concerned look on his face. “Hey, I didn’t steal your card. You dropped it and if you hadn’t run away so fast I might have given it back to you right then and there.” Seth pulls the card out of his pocket. It is sweaty from being in there all day. Seishero grabs it and then screams and wipes it on the grass.

Seishero whimpers, “Don’t stick up for him, Chibi-Miloe. Not only did he take Seishero’s special card but he got it all dirty and greasy. We’re leaving.” Seishero stands up and starts to walk away then looks around and stops, “Uh oh. We’re lost. Chibi-Miloe, what are you talking about? This isn’t a nice man. We can’t ask him for directions.”

Seth laughs and rubs his hand through his hair. “You’re very interesting. You know that? And I’ve got nothing to do right now so I could walk you home if you want.”

Seishero jumps up, runs over, and bows, then shakes Seth’s hand very quickly, “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. you’re the bestest, greatest, nicest person in the whole world. Um, what’s your name Mister? No wait, let me guess your name. Joey?” Seth shakes his head, “Sam, Eric, Bilbo? how about Kai?”

Seth laughs and steadies himself. “My name’s Seth and where do you live?”

Seishero cranes her head and looks at Seth. “I don’t like the name Seth. I shall call you Dubby Dub. Chibi-Miloe will still call you Seth, though.” Seishero holds up her plushie. “Say hi, Chibi-Miloe.”

Seth looks at the little plushie. “Hello there, Chibi-Miloe. So where do you live? Near the school for gifted children?”

Seishero looks at Seth funnily. “You mean Gregovich’s? My daddy works there, so we live pretty close. I could find my way home from there.”

Seth smiles and looks around. “Well, Gregovich’s school is that way.” Seth points to the Northeast. “So we’d better get started.”

Seth begins to walk to the northeast and Seishero follows behind him. “Dubby Dub, this city is very big, isn’t it?” Seishero looks at Seth. “… ahem … ahem. I SAID, DUBBY DUB, THIS CITY IS VERY BIG, ISN’T IT?” Seishero gets a very mad expression on her face and a nearby fire hydrant’s cap blows off sending water flying into the air and Seishero jumps.

Seth looks over, “Those fire hydrants aren’t having any luck and who’s this Dub- oh yeah. Well Sei, this city is very big. Do you know why Demstar’s this big?” Seishero shakes her head and grabs Seth’s hand after the fire hydrant exploded and Seth looks over at her (She’s awfully immature for someone my age. But she’s kinda cute.) “Well, after the new plague hit all the major cities healthy citizens fled the area and moved to the rural towns. Some of the people in this town managed to develop a vaccine to stop it and everyone flocked to this area after that. It’s continued to expand ever since.”

A black Sedan pulls up beside Seth and the window goes down. The man with black shades looks out. “Hello there, Seishero. Who’s your new friend?”

Seishero looks over at the Sedan and scrunches her eyes, “I’m not talking to you, gooey goo. You made Chibi-Miloe angry!”

Seth looks at the man as he gets out of the Sedan with a very concerned look on his face. “Do you know this man, Seishero?” Seth takes a look around where he’s at, surveying the area. They are standing on a long suspension bridge with lots of garbage littering the area. A cut bit of cable is lying next to the railing. (We’re on the north bank bridge. This is just great.)

Seishero looks at him, “He works for my daddy’s boss. I don’t want to go with him.”

The man lifts his enormous brown eyebrows up and down and slicks back his gelled short silver hair, “Now Seishero what would your dad say if he found you were being uncooperative. He’s worried about you. You were supposed to come home two hours ago. And boy, you can leave now. We’ll take care of Seishero from here.”

Seth looks from this man to the two other thugs that get out of the car and he and Seishero back towards the edge of the bridge, “Now let’s be reasonable here. I was giving the nice lady a walk home.”(This doesn’t look good. But I can’t just let Seishero go with them)

The three men pull out pistols and cock them, “That wasn’t a request, boy.”

Seth looks at all the guns with a worried expression on his face and suddenly Cory runs up to him, completely oblivious to the three men, and holds a book up to Seth while panting slightly, “Hey Seth. You forgot this book in History class. Hey, who’s your friend?”

A gun shot goes off and Cory looks down at his stomach which has a hole in it and is bleeding. Seishero screams, “GO AWAY YOU BIG meanies!”

The three men fly into the air and their guns go flying. The two larger thugs go over the side of the river and the shade-wearing one lands on top of the sedan and rolls down, shaking his neck as if he didn’t even feel it. “That was a very bad move Seishero.”

Seth looks down at Cory, who’s passed out and clutching his stomach, then grabs the wire from the ground and looks at the shade wearing man cracking the wire like a whip and holding both ends of it. “You are so going to wish you hadn’t done that.”

The man readies two spiked gauntlets and looks at Seth with a smile on his face. “You really think you can take me, boy?” Seishero crouches in the corner, her green hair flowing down her legs while she hides with her face in her hands. Seth just stares the man down. Eventually he gets agitated. “I’d of thought you’d just charge at me but I guess I’d better go first. TAKE THIS.” The man charges at Seth and Seth cracks the wire which wraps around the shaded mans leg and lurches up sending him flying over the rail behind Seth. Seth let’s go of the wire before he gets dragged over behind him and watches the man fall into the river where his two thugs buddies swim over and all three of them look up at Seth before swimming towards the shore.

Seth runs over to Cory, who’s eyes are open and is looking around confused. “Oh, Seth. I must of blanked out for a second. I had the weirdest dream where I got shot and died. Hmm… There’s a whole in my shirt. That’s odd. That’s right where I thought the bullet went through, but there’s no wound. Seth, I didn’t get shot, did I?”

Seth grabs Cory in a bear hug, “Your alive, you fearless bastard. When three people are holding a gun to me you do not run in front of them! But what do you mean you have no wound?”

Seishero opens her eyes, looks around at Seth and Cory, sees the thugs gone and suddenly she pulls her student card out of her pocket and a hologram of Doctor Nanami appears above it, “Daddy, what’s wrong. Why are your boss’s friends trying to get me?”

The hologram looks at Seishero with a look of fear in its eyes, “Please tell me you didn’t go with them. I’ve been trying to contact you all day but your card was inactive and I hope I’m not too late.”

Seishero frowns, “I didn’t want to go, but they tried to make me. Luckily, my new friend Seth scared them off.”

The hologram’s face shifts to a perplexed expression, “Seth? Who is this Seth? Never mind; you cannot come back home Seishero. Bad people are trying to make Daddy do something Daddy doesn’t want to do and you need to stay safe. Find a good place to hide and if this Seth is a good person go with him. And remember to listen to Chibi-Miloe. I have to go now; someone’s coming.”

Seishero looks up and Seth and Cory are both staring at her. “Seth, that was my daddy. He says I can’t go home anymore. What should I do?”

Wow! That was awsome.

The only mistake I noticed was the missing letter in many.

“Seth how any times have I told you not to be so reckless in the house.”

Thank you very much Admiral Nagumo. i fixied the error and would appreciate it if anyone else finds errors to mention them. I am still having toruble believing I wrote that.

THe whole first chapters up now so READ.

Also if anyone would be willing to edit my stories for me I would be greatful. you wouldn’t get anything other than being able to see the story before everyone else though.

You know your story reminds me a little of my past. My name is Korey not Cory though, I have a friend named Seth, and that girl Seishero reminds me of this girl I knew at one time. Anyway your story is honestly something I would like to keep reading. It just has that panash I like. Here is what I noticed though.

I think you didn’t mean to put the t on eating.

Seth swallows a huge mouthful of fries takes a gulp of a coke and belches, “Yeah, but it’s only a 20 minute so it can wait until I’m done eatingt.”

Or leave out the r in other.

Seth looks from this man to the two othe thugs that get out of the car and he and Seishero back towards the edge of the bridge, “Now let’s be reasonable here. I was giving the nice lady a walk home.”

I’m sure there are more typos but I didn’t notice anymore.

Thankies again Admiral Nagumo. I’m still having trouble believing I’m finally writing this and I’m loving this story. Kinda creeping me out.

What inspired it? If you don’t mind me asking.

Well. It was inspired when I looked at CC’s little teaser of her upcoming story and it got me thinking of an old story idea and then a whole ton of other things running through my head spun togethor into a plot.


Seishero is holding onto Chibi-Miloe and looking down at the ground while Seth and Cory walk on either side of her. Seth sighs, "This is mad. I must be dreaming or something. This just doesn't make sense. Why did they just fly into the air? Why isn't there a wound where you got shot, Cory? What the hell are we supposed to do now?"

Cory sits down beside Seth and looks at him with faltering respect. "Snap out of it, Seth. You're the one who's always wishing life was like a video game, how much more exciting it would be if stuff like this happened. Well Earth to you, it's happened."

Seishero lets out a whimper, “You’re going to take care of me, right Dubby Dub?”

Seth stands up and looks around. "You know what? You’re right. This is exactly what I've been hoping for all my life, although I never actually expected it to happen. I have a plan. You know how the exchange student program just started, right? Well, my mom never reads anything I get her to sign as she's too busy. Seishero, I'm going to need you to pretend to be an exchange student from Japan when we get back to my house. Is that alright with you?"

Seishero stands up and smiles. “I get to go to your house? Yay, did you hear that, Chibi-Miloe? We get to stay at Dubby Dub’s house.” Seishero runs at Seth and wraps him in a hug, causing them both to fall to the ground.

Seth lays there stunned for a few seconds and then rolls to his feet. “Yeah, another thing. You can’t be jumping on me or calling me Dubby Dub around other people. My name is Seth, alright?”

Seishero smiles. “Okay Dubby Dub, I’ll be a good little girl.”

Seth sighs, “That’s good enough. Cory I’m going to need you to back me on this. Now let’s get out of here; we’ve been dawdling too long and we don’t want those thugs to come back.”


Seth opens the door and peeks inside. His mother looks over from the table. “Seth. You’re home awfully late. What were you up to?”

Seth opens the door slowly. “Oh, didn’t you hear? That exchange student we signed up to house got here today and I was just showing her around town.”

His mother is reading a newspaper and takes a few seconds to register the full extent of what was just said. “That’s nice; you should be going out more often. All you do is sit around the house and… play… video…games. OFFERED TO HOUSE! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?”

Seth cringes as he opens the door and Seishero and Cory walk in. Seishero bows to Seth’s mother. “I am very pleased to meat you Mrs. Davis.”

Seth’s mother looks at the girl and stops her fit of rage and gets a more homely look on her face. “It’s Ms. Davis and what would your name be?”

Seishero looks at her and smiles a very wide smile, her green hair flopping around freely, “I’m Seishero Nanami, and this is Chibi-Miloe.”

Seishero holds up Chibi-Miloe and Seth’s mom starts to stifle a sneeze. “Tha tha that’s achoo cat. I’m a a allergic to achoo cats”

Seth laughs and looks at his mom like she’s losing it. “Come on mom those sneezes are just in your head. It’s only a plushie.”

Seth’s mom continues to sneeze uncontrollably. “Then one of you’s been around cats today, cause I’ve got no control over these sneezes. But Seth, we can’t take this girl into our house.”

Seishero’s eyes suddenly tear up and she whimpers while looking at Seth mom, “You mean you don’t want me here?”

Seth’s mom looks down at Seishero and sighs, “Okay okay, she can stay, but Seth, I’m going to have a long talk with you about this later. Oh and hello Cory, would you like some biscuits?”

Cory smiles and almost reaches for some brown, candy-covered biscuits lying on a tray beside Seth’s mother, but stops himself. “I’m sorry; I’m busy. Seth and I have some history homework to work on.”

Seth, Cory and Seishero walk towards the staircase and Seth’s mother calls over, “Seishero can sleep on the third room on the left, and doesn’t she have any luggage?”

Seth turns around and looks at his mom with a DOH look on his face, but straightens it out before it can draw suspicion. “Seishero wanted to explore the American fashions, so we’re going shopping later to pick up some new stuff. Isn’t that right, Seishero?”

Seishero nods her head and makes Chibi-Miloe nod its head as well. “Shopping is fun.”

They continue up the stairs, glance down the narrow hallway, and Seth opens the door to his room. He walks in and plops down on his bed while Cory sits in a bean bag chair in the corner. Seishero goes over to Seth and sits down beside him. Seth lays there silent for a few seconds then speaks, “That went rather smoothly. So, what do we do next?”

Cory looks around Seth’s small bedroom. A basic wooden desk with a computer in the corner, a pencil case with scissors, whiteout, and several other things sticking out of it, a TV with a huge assortment of game systems lying on the floor then looks at his arm for a minute. “We see if I’ve really developed super powers.” Cory grabs the scissors from Seth’s pencil case and slices across his arm. A thin stroke of red blood comes down and Cory looks at it. “I guess it doesn’t work quite that easily.” Cory looks away from the wound and back at Seth, who’s shaking his head and coughing in disbelief that Cory would just slice his arm open.

Seth frowns and looks over at Seishero. “Maybe our little mindblower here healed you.”

Suddenly Seishero points at Cory’s arm and shouts, “Look.” A glowing green liquid covers the scratch seeming to secrete from Cory’s skin and disappears, leaving the arm good as new.

Cory looks down at the arm and turns it around, looking at it. “Well, what do you know. As soon as I stopped thinking about it it healed. But what was that green stuff.”

Seishero jumps up and down on the bed. “Oh, that was Daddy’s secret potion. How’d you get it? I thought he only gave it to me and my friends at the school.”

Cory looks up at her. “Secret potion? How… wait, glowing green. I just remembered. I saw a glowing green light in the sewer earlier today and when I checked it out I got blasted in the face by some awful tasting, glowing green water. You don’t think some of this secret potion was in the sewer, do you?”

Seishero looks worried. “I wonder how the Gregin X got in the sewers.”

Seth looks over at Nanami and asks, “Gregin X, what is Gregin X?”

Seishero smiles. “I told you. Daddies Secret potion. He’s got tons of research files at our place. He’s always working on it.”

Seth frowns. “I’d really like to take a look at those files.”

Suddenly Seth’s mother voice comes up the stairs, “Seth, dinner’s ready.”

Seth looks from Seishero to Cory. “I guess we’d better go eat.”

Seth, Cory and Seishero go down the stairs and the strong smells of breaded chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn waft by them causing Seth and Cory to close their eyes and inhale. Seishero goes down the stairs and looks at the breaded chicken funnily. “I’ve never seen chicken prepared like that before.”
Seth and Cory practically throw each other down the stairs, racing to the table and Seishero sits down and looks at her plate. She slowly tastes everything, enjoying every taste, while Seth and Cory start scarfing down their food with the speed of a hungry shark.

Seth sees the remote next to his mother and glances over at the TV. The news is on and Seth diverts some of his attention to watching it while he eats. “Five police officers died while investigating a possible lead on the Pyronian Syndicate earlier today, and in more pressing news, Famous scientist Umigara Nanami’s daughter went missing today-” Seth looks at the picture in the top right of the screen, sees Seishero’s face, suddenly grabs the remote, and switches the channel.

Seth’s mother looks over at Seth and grabs the remote back, “I was watching that. Beth from down the street’s sister is the anchor,” and changes the channel back to the news.

Seishero’s picture has changed to the Dimensia Tek logo, a portal with Dimensia Tek written around it. " Demensia Tek Corporation is offering one million dollars for her safe return."

Seth’s mother frowns. “A poor thing. I hope she’s alright.”

Seth and Cory both look at their lean plates to the mountain of food still on the table then over to Seishero and sigh then say in unison, “I’m stuffed, is it alright if we take Seishero shopping now?”

Seishero looks up from her half-finished plate and nods. “Please, can we? Chibi-Miloe wants to go too.”

Seth’s mom looks at the plushie, sneezes all over her plate and then sighs, “Fine, fine, just take that plushie with you.”

Seishero laughs, “I don’t go anywhere without Chibi-Miloe,” and Seth, Cory and Seishero get up and go out the door.

Seth and Cory frown as they think about all the food they left behind and Seishero skips along happily as she looks around outside. The day is getting late and the sun is low in the west. Seth smiles and sighs as he looks at Nanami. “I wish I were that carefree sometimes. Well, let’s get going; we want to get the shopping done fast and investigate Seishero’s house before things get too late. Hmm, Seishero might draw too much attention the way she is. SEISHERO wait up.”

Seishero stops and looks back at Seth. "What is it Dubby Dub?"

Seth pants as he catches up to Seishero and he looks up to her and speaks between breaths. "You shouldn't run so far ahead of us and you're too easy to recognize like that." Seth reaches to the knots tying Seishero's hair into two streams and pulls them apart causing her long hair to spread out all along her shoulders and back.

Seishero looks at her new hairstyle and twirls around, her pink dress and green hair twirling in the air, "It looks nice. Thanks, Dubby Dub."

Seth smiles and pats his hand onto the back of his head. "Wow, if hair styling is this easy I should do it for a career. Heh, that would be fun."


Seishero looks around the huge mall swarming with people and glances from one store to the other. "OH they've got so many toy stores. Can we go check out the toy stores? I won't make you buy any. I justwanna look. Please?"

Seth shakes his head. “We’re in a hurry, remember? Now let’s go get you some clothes and be done here. Seishero?” Seth looks around, as he can’t find Seishero.

Seishero swipes a blue credit card through a machine and runs back to Seth, carrying a small key chain and necklace which he hooks Chibi-Miloe onto and hangs around her neck. "There you go Chibi-Miloe now you don't have to complain about me squeezing too tight anymore."

Seth jumps into the air and turns around. "What did I say about staying together. From now on you stick with me."

Seishero dangles the new necklace around her fingers and nods. "Alright. Let's go to the clothes store over there. Daddy buys me things there all the time."

Seth looks at her. "So you really do like shopping, don't you?"

Seishero giggles, "Yeah silly. It's one of my ten favorite things."

Seth takes Seishero through the ranks of clothing and after having eight foot mounds piled into both him and Cory’s arms walks towards the cash register and sets it all down. The lady in charge looks at the clothes and then from Seth to Cory with an odd look on her face until Seishero comes over carrying one last shirt and sets it on the pile. "How much for it all?"

The cashier looks at Seishero, gets an embarrassed look from the thoughts that had been going through her head and runs it all through, “That’ll be 567 dollars.”

Seishero holds up the blue credit card and Seth quickly sticks out his hand and pulls his dad’s card out. “Let me cover it Sei.” Seth runs the card through the machine, flinches at the thought of what his dad will say when he finds out, takes the 16 glitter covered bags the clothes are in, and hands them to Cory. Cory piles them all up, looks between the tiny hole his face can look through, and follows Seth and Seishero outside.

Seth wipes his hand through his hair. “That was close. If you’d paid for those clothes they could’ve traced your credit card. Cory, there’s no sense in us all getting caught if this plan goes wrong. You take Seishero home and I’ll check out her place.”

Seishero looks at him. “But you said I was going to stay with you, Dubby Dub. And how will you find my place and my Sad’s secret lab without me?”

Seth looks at her and sighs, “I really don’t think it’s a good idea to take you anywhere near your house, but you do have a point. Well Cory, you take all Seishero’s stuff back to my place and we’ll check out her house.”

Cory tries to argue, but the bags slide down and cover his face. He gives out a sigh and starts walking to Seth’s house. Seth and Seishero both walk towards the north bridge.


The shaded, grey-haired man and the large black man both walk into an office with a shaded figure behind a desk and a badly beaten Dr. Nanami. The black man hands a picture to the shaded figure. “Sir, Seishero’s credit card popped up in a local mall a few minutes ago and that’s a clip from the security cameras. The boys with Seishero are the two from the bridge.”

The shaded figure looks at the picture and smiles. “Well Dr. Nanami, it appears you were wrong. Your daughter hasn’t gotten as far away from here as humanly possible and now she’s just made her first mistake. We’ll have her soon enough. Thomson, Daravon get out on the streets and find Seishero.”


Seth sticks his head over a fence and peers into the gloomy yard. The sun has set and the quarter moon sends a dull glow over the yard. Seth squints, trying to make out the house, the broken streetlamp providing little help. Seth ducks back behind the fence. “There’s a van parked out in front of your house seeming to be keeping an eye on it. Do you have a back door we can sneak in?”

Seishero is sitting on the cold grass holding Chibi-Miloe tightly and shivering. She simply nods her head and stands up and follows around the fence with Seth. Seth peeks over the fence again and sees the backyard of the house perfectly calm and out of the view of the van. Seth boosts Seishero over and then climbs up himself. They walk up to the door and… find it’s locked. “Now what do we do?”

Seishero looks over at Seth and shakes her head. “Unlock it silly.” Seishero pulls a key out of her pocket and opens the door. Seth goes in and looks around the very dark house. Seishero walks into a room and Seth wanders into the living room before noticing she’s gone and following after her.


A fat man eating a hot dog is lookng at a panel of cameras from the inside of a van. Suddenly he sees Seth pop up on one of the cameras and coughs on his hot dog as he freezes the frame. He quickly pulls out a copy of the picture from the mall and picks up a phone, “Sir, the boy from the mall is inside the Nanami Residence. Should I go in?”

The voice from the shadowy figure comes over the other end of the phone, “Excellent, wait for Thomas and Daravon to arrive. This boy should not be taken lightly. He could be a Solar.”


Seishero walks up to a panel and punches several numbers into it and a piece of floor lowers into the ground and slides away, revealing a staircase down. Seishero leads the way and types another combination of numbers into another keypad and several fields disappear. “This is Daddy’s workplace. He took me down here a few times when I was younger.”

Seth looks at the keypad. “When you were younger, you mean you’ve remembered those pass codes all this time and never forgot?”

Seishero just continues to walk down the hall and gets to a desk and starts looking through the files until she finds a yellow folder and looks inside. “I never forget anything. My daddy says it’s one of the side effects of my accident. This is Daddy’s research file; we should leave now.”

Seth glances at a glass display case full of very old things and brings his face up to the glass to try and read some strange writing on one of the items. “That’s odd. I almost feel like I can read this.”

Seishero smiles. “That’s Daddy’s collection, we’re not allowed to touch.”

Suddenly footsteps are heard coming down the stairs and Seth spins around to see Hiro Moto walking down wearing a black mantle and cape and a circlet with a gem identical to his necklace in it. He looks at Seth. “Thanks for opening the door. Now if you want to live, give me the Key of Cortex.”

Seth looks at him cross-eyed for a second then shakes his head. “Hiro Moto?”

Hiro Moto looks at Seth with a twinge to his face. “Identifying me was not a good action Seth Davis.” Hiro Moto lifts his hand and points it at Seth and the stones around his neck and on his forehead start to glow. Seth and Seishero brace for an attack, but suddenly Hiro Moto spins around and three bullets fall dead in midair. “Why must so many people get in my way?”

Seth looks over Hiro’s shoulder and three men in suits come down the stairs: the shaded, grey-haired man and the chubby, food-munching one who’s eating something with his left hand even now and behind them, unable to fully enter the passage, the giant black man. The shaded figure looks at Hiro Moto analytically and then speaks, “You are a Dazer. I wonder what business a low level Dazer has here. Heh, interesting, I thought we’d scared the local Dazer population into the South District.”

Hiro Moto starts to sweat at the mention of Dazers. “Who are you?”

Seishero looks at the three of them and whimpers to Seth, “The gross man’s Samson. The black man is supposed to watch my daddy, he’s Daravon. And the one from the bridge is Thomson. Keep them away from me, Seth.”

Thomson cranes his neck. “Seth, eh? It’s nice to know you can speak my name, Seishero, instead of that childish gibberish you usually refer to me by, but-”

Hiro Moto’s stones glow really bright and Samson and Daravon start flailing about madly screaming in pain for no conceivable reason. Thomson looks at them then back to Hiro and holds his gun ready. Hiro gets a concerned look on his face at Thomson’s failure to react and when his stones glow again points his hand at Thomson. Thomson doesn’t even flinch and fires his pistol hitting Hiro in the leg, then raises it to shoot him somewhere more vital but Seishero holds her hands forward. “PLAY NICE.” Thomson fires the pistol as he and Samson fly backwards slamming into Daravon and the three roll back out of the passage. The bullet misses Hiro and smashes into the display case shattering it open, sending the contents and shards of glass flying around the room. Seth covers Seishero from the glass, as she’s in a daze after pushing them out, and Hiro ducks low to the floor grasping his leg. Thomson quickly gets back to his feet and glances around, unable to find a gun. Hiro points one hand at Thomson and one at the various items laying about the ground and fires an orange orb into Thomson that sends him flying backwards and through a window while the other draws an artifact into his palm which he pockets.

Hiro tries to stand on his injured leg but screams and falls to his knees. Seth and Seishero run up to Hiro and help him to his feet. Hiro looks at them confused. “Why are you helping me?”

Seth grunts. “Because you helped us and we need all the friends we can get.”

Hiro laughs an evil laugh and points his hand at Daravon, who’s getting back on his feet and sends him flying out the window, knocking Thomson, who’s just managed to crawl back in, out with him. “I’m only helping myself. I owe you nothing.”

Seth and Seishero pick him up, run past a moaning Samson and head out the door. Thomson spots them and starts running at them, bearing no wounds and showing no signs of exhaustion for someone who’s just been blasted three times. Seth spots the van that’s been watching the house and notices it’s turned on and leads Seishero over to it. The sudden turn causes Hiro to miss with one of his force orbs and Thomson gets really close. Seth whips the van door open and it slams into Thomson, knocking him to the ground, but he quickly back flips to his feet and then Hiro lets out another force orb sending him 30 meters farther away. Seishero and Hiro get in and Seth takes the drivers seat, closing the door. Hiro looks at Seth as he shifts the gears. “Do you know how to drive this thing?”

Seth smiles and laughs. “I’ve only got my G1 so I guess we’ll have to find out.” Seth kicks the van into reverse just as Thomson makes a swing for the window, then spins it around and starts going full acceleration forward. Hiro looks out the back window and gasps as he sees Thomson running after the van on foot and gaining on them. He holds his hands out and the rear mirror comes off and floats in the air smashing into Thomson as he continues to run, not slowing him down at all.

Hiro gets very agitated by this. “What the hell is he?”

Seishero whimpers when she looks back and sees Thomson gaining on them, “Hit him with another orb, Hiro.”

Hiro holds his hand forward and shakes off a wave of exhaustion and fires one very big orb at him which sends him flying 200 meters into the air and lands in a truck going the opposite direction. Hiro sighs and then passes out. Seishero looks at him and screams, “Oh no, Hiro’s dead.”

Seth looks over at Hiro then quickly glances back onto the road and almost loses control of the van. "No, he’s just exhausted. Take care of him. I’m taking us to the hospital.

Seth adjusts the rear mirror so he can make sure Thomson’s not following them anymore and after a short while gets to the hospital and lets out a sigh of relief. “Alright Seishero, we’re going to take Hiro in now, but we can’t stay. We have to get out of the open as soon as we can.” Seth and Seishero drag Hiro out of the van, and then Seth grabs two soda bottles from the van, holds them together, and uses them to prop the gas pedal down causing the van to take off down the road. “We don’t want them tracing the van to this hospital.” Seth and Seishero drop Hiro off at the doors of the hospital and then run away because someone spots them and runs over.

Seth and Seishero run for a long time, not saying a word and just watching everything go by in a daze before finally stopping outside the store where they’d first met. They lean against the walls gasping for breath. “All the heroes in the video games make this stuff look easy. Oh shit, we never got a chance to read up on Gregin X.”

Seishero giggles and holds up the folder from before. “I took my Daddy’s folder with me. We can read it anytime.”

Seth looks from the folder to Seishero and then grabs her and kisses her and then jumps back and shakes his head. "Um… yeah. That was just… yeah."

Seishero giggles and Seth leads her around the block to his place where his mother’s sitting outside on the porch with a Coke reading a book. She glances at Seth as he walks up and sees the two of them blushing. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Seth jumps and looks at his mother and shakes his head. “Wow Momma, um tell you what?”

Seth’s mother frowns, “Don’t play stupid with me, Seth. Sending Cory back here with all Seishero’s things without you? You really think I’d let him go without telling me where you went?”

Seth gets a very nervous look on his face. “Mom, I can explain-”

Seth’s mother sighs, "I mean, if you’d just told me you were going to a party I would of been perfectly fine with it, but you lied to me. Now since this is the first time you’ve acted up in a long time, I’ll go easy on you. For the next two weeks you cannot leave after 7:00, and if you’re not home by 7:00 you’ll be grounded. I’m very disappointed in you Seth. Now it’s late; you two should go to bed.

Seth headed up the stairs to his room saying his prayers that Cory had come up with a great excuse and that he hadn’t blurted the whole thing out.

The story looks good, but you could watch your commas a bit more, there are places where they could be used better. Sometimes the sentences get too long as well, like here:

Hiro Moto’s stones glow really bright and Samson and Daravon start flailing about madly screaming in pain for no conceivable reason and Thomson looks at them then back to Hiro and holds his gun ready

There’s so much happening here that it gets confusing.

Thanks Weiila. I just can’t go over it and pretty it up without going insane. I write everything so fast to get it out of my brain before the fit of inspiration I’m using ot write it leaves me and then when I’m finished a chapter I have no will to write more and want to show it to everyone as soon as I can :(. A very annoying issue.

A very good story.

Some comments:

Seishero seems like a really odd girl. She acts very childish for her age. That’s probably a cover though.

I didn’t know they had graduated licensing in the US. Up until now I thought only Canada had it.

From Hito’s description he sounds to be a very traditional Egyptian. I can almost picture the jeweled headpice and necklace.

Well I know very little about the u.s. as I live in Canada. So I’m just basing everything of of Canada and what little I know of the U.S. This is kinda parallel demension earth anyways.

Very good comrade. :cool:

I’ve been wanted to continue with this for a while but I’m not quite sure how to proceed. So many things I want to accomplish next chapter yet some conflict if I don’t plan it right. might have something up soon.

Whatever you decide good luck.

absolutely great. I find it a little confusing that you refer to Seishero with both her first asnd last name. i thought that there was two people when seth gave her back the card.

Carry on.

It’s a little late, but editors have to sleep too you know.

<center>Chapter 3</center>

Seth groans as his alarm clock starts beeping and reaches over to where it is to hit the stop button but finds a large squishy thing blocking the way and opens his eyes to see Seishero staring at his face with his hand on her breast. He jumps up, bashes his head on the ceiling, and falls back down on his bed holding his head while Seishero rushes over to him. He leaps back pulling the covers over his barely dressed body and shouts, “What are you doing in my room?”

Seishero smiles and holds up a plate with eggs, bacon, and toast, “You slept through breakfast so I saved a plate for you. I wanted to give it to you as soon as you woke up.”

Seth sighs and then his stomach growls at the site of the bacon, “Well just stay out of my room when I’m sleeping and PLEASE go out for a second so I can get dressed.” Seishero nods, blushes, and runs out of the room as Seth flicks open a drawer, pulls out a green turtleneck and a pair of blue jeans, quickly tosses them on and walks out the door.

Seishero smiles as he comes out and speaks quickly, “It’s Saturday. What are you going to do today, Dubby Dub?”

Seth looks around groggily and groans, “I usually sleep for a better portion of the day Saturday, but I guess I do have stuff to do today. We’re going to find Cory and take a look at those files. So gimme the food.”

Seishero giggles and hands the plate to Seth, who carries it in one hand and eats the food with the other. When he gets down his mom looks from Seishero to Seth and laughs, “You’re up early. What’s so special about today?”

Seth grumbles through a mouthful of eggs and swallows, “Our little guest here decided I needed to eat a healthy breakfast,” and sets the plate on a table so he can open the fridge to grab a can of Coke. He sits down and finishes eating quickly and then sits back. “You sure saved a lot Seishero. Thanks.”

Seishero sits down at the table and stares at Seth. “So, when do we go to see Cory?”

Seth glances around the small kitchen to the little black phone on the wall near a trash can. “I’m not sure. I guess I’ll give him a call and see if he’s available.”

Seth walks over to the phone and dials a number. A few rings later, someone picks up. A slightly creepy, gruff, masculine voice responds, “Y’ello, who’s there?”

Seth rolls his eyes. “Hello Uncle Tom, is Cory there?”

Tom’s voice replies, “Just a minute,” and a few seconds later Cory’s voice comes onto the phone. “Hey Seth. So I suppose you want to meet me.”

Seth smiles, “Right to the point I see. But yeah, pretty much. Where and when?”

Cory laughs, “You know me, and I was thinking we could meet at the old tree house in the woods behind my house.”

Seth nods his head to the air. “That would seem appropriate. I’ll ride the bus to the edge of town and walk over now.” Seth hangs up the phone and looks over to his mother. “Seishero and I are going to head over to Cory’s. Is that alright?”

Seth’s mother nods, “That’s fine, but be back before curfew.”

Seth grumbles, remembering his new curfew, and quickly rushes up to his room. He grabs his backpack and fills it with the documents on Gregin X, while putting his wallet in his pocket and heading down again. Seishero sees him and opens the door for Seth as he walks out. They both head over to a bus stop a few houses down and sit on the bench.

Seishero looks around the bright city, everyone is just waking up, rushing on their way to work, and she smiles and laughs, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could be a bench for a day?”

Seth raises an eye brow and half giggles, “Yeah, I just love staring at people’s behinds.”

Seishero grumbles, “Not that, Dubby Dub. Chibi-Miloe and I were thinking and a bench is just so peaceful. It never has to do anything except help people relax and it can spend all day watching everything.”

Seth laughs and shrugs his shoulders. “If I were an inanimate object, I’d be a computer. Then I’d be able to enter into any world imaginable through games and have access to all the knowledge on the Web.”

Seishero looks up at the sky and mumbles, “Knowledge. Is knowledge really such a good thing?”

Seth looks at Seishero thoughtfully. “Hmm I never really thought about it. I guess there are some things better left unknown and unexplored. We certainly wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in now if this Gregin X had been left alone. Well, here comes the bus.”

A small white bus with the faded letters “City Transit” written on it rolls to a stop and Seishero and Seth get on. Seth drops a few coins into a tray and then sits down beside Seishero.

Seishero holds Chibi-Miloe up to the window as she looks out and points to things as they drive by completely distracted and Seth stares for a while until eventually the long ride begins to stir his thoughts. (Why did these events have to happen to me? Up until yesterday I’d been an average, well maybe not average but still relatively normal teenager, but then again, just looking at Seishero makes me wonder why I’ve wasted my life up to this point doing nothing but play games.) Seth glances out the window and then jumps up and yanks the cord to indicate to the bus driver to stop, “Seishero, get up. We have to get off here.”

As the bus creaks to a halt, Seishero jumps up and lets Chibi-Miloe hang from his new chain. She speaks while giggling at the bus driver’s green mullet, “So, we’re going to see Cory now?”

Seth smiles as he leads her off the bus. “Indeed we are. He lives about a three minutes walk out of town.”

Seth and Seishero are standing at the very edge of the city. The gravel of the road is faded, and shortly after leaving the town fades away, completely running into a dirt road. The air is dusty and polluted and only the sickliest of plants grow in the area.

Seth shakes his head as he sees the plants and mumbles under his breath, “You’d think we’d have learned from the past what happens when we do this to the environment.”

Seishero squints and rubs her nose, irritated. “I don’t like this place very much, Dubby Dub.”

Seth shakes his head. “Neither do I, but it clears out by the time we reach Cory’s place. It’s lucky he lives as far as he does. Any closer and his house would be right in the middle of this filth.”

As they continue to walk, a small, yellow brick house comes into view. It sits at the back of a large apple orchard with one side of the house on the brink of the de-vegetated zone and the other two surrounded by trees. Cory sees them coming as he walks down the long dirt driveway, “Welcome to my house, home of the most disgusting apples this side of the city.”

Seishero looks at the orchard noting that it isn’t entirely free of the filth that is close to the town. The trees have a strange deadness to them even though they are covered in apple blossoms. Seth laughs as he and Seishero continue forward. They quickly get to a break in the driveway where a small path leads into the trees and enter onto it, and before long arrive at a large wooden tree fort with three ladders and a slide with several swings. Cory smiles as he shimmies up a pole into the fort. Seth helps Seishero climb a ladder as he follows up behind her.

When they reach the top Seth sets his pack on the floor and spreads the papers across the floor. “This is everything we could find.”

Cory looks at the pile and sets his hand on the back of his forehead. “Well, I’ll be. There’s a lot there. I guess we better get started.”

Seishero, Seth, and Cory divide the pile into three and slowly begin sifting through. Time passes slowly as they read useless report after useless report. Seth growls after throwing another report behind him, “The majority of these are experiment records, and all of them were quite recently as well. I don’t think we’ll find anything here.”

Seishero points to a faded piece of paper. “What about that one? It looks pretty old.”

Seth sees the file and picks it up. “Let’s see, male infusion experiment 3. After the failure of the previous two experiments, they still insisted I try a third. After injection, the subject exhibited a brief boost in condition before dying. Why can’t they just give up? Gregin X was developed to be a steroid for women, no man has ever survived an infusion. This was just last month."

Cory’s eyes take on a very worried look as he stares at himself. “I don’t feel so good, Seth. I want to go to a hospital now. I want this stuff out.”

Seth looks at him, “But Cory, holy crap hospital I forgot. Hiro Moto is in the hospital because he got shot helping us escape last night.”

Cory looks at Seth. “You mean you got caught sneaking into Seishero’s house?”

Seth frowns. “Yeah, if it wasn’t for Hiro’s help we never would have escaped. I was going to visit him today.”

Cory looks at him and shakes his head. “Well, let’s go visit him then. Anything’s better than sitting here reading through boring old lab results.”


Seth’s mother is sitting at a desk typing on a keyboard while speaking on a phone, “Yes, Mr. Drake is available for a press conference tomorrow afternoon. Alright, I’ve booked it in. Have a nice day.” Ms. Davis hangs up the phone and cranes her neck as a blond haired man with a gray suit with tie and a million dollar smile steps out of his office. Ms. Davis smiles. “Good afternoon, Mr. Drake.”

Mr. Drake smiles and holds his hands in the air. “Please, call me Damian.” Damian reaches for a picture on her desk and smiles as he glances towards it saying, “Who’s this lovely face?” And his eyes freeze on the image.

Ms. Davis smiles and giggles, “That’s my son, Seth. Isn’t he a handsome boy?”

Damian smiles weakly with a nervous edge to his voice and says, “Indeed he is. So what’s Seth up to nowadays?” as he puts the picture back on her desk.

Ms. Davis straightens the picture, “The usual for a teenager. Although he did the strangest thing and signed us up to house a foreign exchange student for I don’t know how long. He’s out with her right now.”

Damian walks into his office saying, “You’re new to the job, but I can tell you’re going to go far in this business, Ms. Davis,” and closes the door as he walks to his desk to pick up the phone.


Seth, Cory, and Seishero walk up to the hospital’s secretary, and she looks at them sternly. “Can I help you three?”

Seth smiles and looks at the secretary, speaking calmly. “Yes. We’re looking for Hiro Moto’s room. He’s a friend of ours and we heard he was dropped off here last night.”

The secretary goes to look at the computer, then snaps her fingers, “Yes, the Egyptian boy. He’s on the second floor in room E212.”

Seth thanks the secretary and the three head to the elevator and hit 2. They come out of the elevator on the second floor and walk a few doors down to E212 and step in. Hiro looks at them as they enter and rolls his eyes. “Come to gawk at me or something? I was hoping I’d be out of here before you decided to show up.”

Seth looks over at the sleek blue hospital robe he’s wearing and notices his possessions on the table beside him. “How’s the leg Hiro? And it’s nice to see you too.”

Hiro looks down at his leg. “It will be fine the bullet passed right through and didn’t hit anything important. In fact, they were going to release me in the morning. Aside from a serious case of exhaustion, I was fine when you brought me here.”

Seishero smiles at Hiro then walks over to his roommate. A blue haired woman is lying in the bed, eyes shut, hooked up to life support systems. Cory points at her. “What happened to her?”

Hiro rolls his eyes. “How can you be so childish, getting distracted so easily? If you really must know, she is the only survivor of the terrorist attack on the plane yesterday, and it’s odd because she came out of it without a scratch, but she’s been in a coma since they found her.”

Seishero speaks softly, “She seems very nice. Chibi-Miloe likes her too.”

Seth looks at her, “She is kinda cute eh, Co-”

Suddenly, the ground jolts as a loud explosion rocks the building. The sounds of a car screeching to a halt outside can be heard as a person dressed in a black suit with a tank on his back and a hose in his hands jumps through the window. He looks from the woman to Hiro, and then over to Seth and the others. He pulls a trigger on the hose as Hiro grabs his necklace from the table beside him and sticks his other hand forward, causing the hose to point towards the man’s head so that the gust of fire that comes forth melts him into nothing. Hiro screams, “You people bring trouble wherever you go!"

Outside, the explosion brings many heads towards room E212. A nurse walking down the hall with a cart strips the bottom off of her skirt and pulls two Uzis out of her cart while two janitors remove shotguns from hidden compartments in their clothes and rush to the room. Agents Thomson, Samson, and Daravon come running out of the elevator and into the room, colliding with the nurses and janitors, rolling to opposite sides of the room and holding their guns poised at each other as three more men in suits with tanks and hoses come through the window.

Hiro looks at them all, draws his tiara to his head while his robe wraps around him and his necklace swings around his head onto his neck. “You know what? I just don’t want to know.” The guns spread to everyone in the room and Seishero screams as some of the guns go off. The bullets’ paths warp and fly into random poles, one taking out one of the woman’s life support systems. The heart monitor flat lines for a second and suddenly the woman’s eyes shoot open and she sits straight up. Seth pulls her down from her bed as a flame thrower goes off lighting the space she’d been a second ago on fire. Cory pushes Seishero out of the way of another blast of fire and gets roasted himself. He stands there burning for a second and then walks through the fire screaming in pain and shoves the man’s hose into the man as his skin quickly oozes healed. The nurse looks around, confused about who to shoot, as Thomson jumps towards Seishero. Hiro floats into the air, his stones glowing, and fires a big orange orb into the center of the floor, sending everyone else flying back as he floats out the window.

Seeing Cory’s display of invincibility, the other two men in suits jump out the window as Thomson’s colleagues flee. Thomson smiles as he sees how many people are brandishing weapons against him. “This will be interesting.”

The woman finally looks at Thomson, “Elements that bind this world, heed my call. Send this fool a fireball.” A blue circle with a silver pentagram in it appears in the air in front of the woman and a ball of fire shoots out and smashes into Thomson’s arm, sending him flying out the door and into the hall outside. He looks at it as sparks begin to come out and clasps his hand over it, looks back at the woman, and runs towards the elevator.

Seth lets out a sigh of relief as the nurse and janitors point their guns at him and his friends. The nurse grunts in a very non-soothing voice, “Who are you and who do you work for?” The blue-haired woman stands straight and looks down at them. “It’s alright, Fiona. They don’t appear to be our enemies. I’m afraid they’ll have to come with us for a ride.”


Seth looks around the large building they’ve just arrived at. But instead of entering through the front door, they head around back to a phone booth. One of the “janitors” who’s now dressed in a white suit, dials a phone number and a section of the wall falls in, revealing a hidden door. Once inside, the door snaps shut and they look at the chrome corridors, and Seishero shivers. They are led to a large office where a black haired man with military stripes turns to face them. “Hello there, and welcome to Solar HQ. I’ve heard that you are able to do some pretty impressive things. We like people who can do impressive things. In fact, we’d like you to join us. Now don’t go making this decision hastily. We’d like you take every factor into account before you decide. So your friends from the hospital are going to take you on a little tour.”