Informants Decide Fate of Iraqi Detainees

An article from the Washington post. Feel free to comment on it, but please, no witty comentary, snide remarks, or generalizing in this thread.

I know that for me it really sets into home a mixed set of feelings. It’s apparent that our military is quite able and up to the fighting in Iraq. However, the biggest problem in Iraq comes not from the insurgents, but from the vastly different society there. There are far too many factions all vying for power for things to settle down the way the cards are currently playing out over there. It literally scares me to imagine what things are like over there, what it would be like to live in the shoes of the citizens of Iraq. I’m afraid of how real the possibility of things turning out badly over there seems to me. I still feel a sense of hope that we might still be able to pull things together in Iraq, but it gets blotted out by what seems like a lack of and solid long term goals for social stability there. I feel a strong need to improve the living conditions of the people in Iraq, but I can’t shake the feeling of a lack of planning and funding for the operations in Iraq. And now with the recent disaster in Lousiana, I’m feeling ever more dispair over the future in Iraq. As more troops and trained will be pulled from Iraq to assist in the repairs, that means even less planning and funding for Iraq. I deeply hope that someone surfaces very soon with a solid vision of helping stabalize Iraq.

Troops won’t be pulled from Iraq to help in Louisiana. We still have a relatively low number of troops in Iraq. Also, more units are avialable for Louisiana than Iraq since there are many more National Guard units that are able to be of much more help in Louisiana than Iraq.

The problem is that they’ve already sent a lot of National Guardsmen overseas, so there’s not enough left to help with the effort, despite what’s been told to the public by politicians. They’ve already started recalling guardsmen from Iraq; the first returned Friday Last week and more will be coming over the next several weeks:

Over the next two weeks, the 3,700 soldiers of the Louisiana Guard’s 256th Brigade Combat Team will be flown to a former military airport in Alexandria, La., and then travel to nearby Fort Polk.

Of the U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, the 256th was hit hardest by Katrina, particularly Roger’s New Orleans-based unit, the 1st Battalion, 141st Field Artillery Regiment.


Additionally, the lack of personel in Louisana is so bad, that the American Goverment has brought in Mercenaries to American soil to help with the disaster relief: a complete first in American history.

As for my personal experience with the whole ordeal, I was damn near recruited to go and aid the military assisstance in Louisana by the recuiter of a friend of mine in the reserves. It’s so bad in Louisana that they’re literally looking for help from anywhere they can. It’s the worst disaster in American history both casualtywise and propertywise, yet it’s so far been played off as being a much smaller event than it actually is. The disaster is so far impacting, that even here, 2000+ miles away from Lousiana, a local Baptist chuch is building some condominiums to house people displaced by the disaster. I could probably go far deeper into detail about the various aspects of our country shown to be faulty or sub-par by the disaster in Lousiana, but that’s something for another thread outside this one.

It’s going to be done discreetly, but they’re going to be recalling more troops from Iraq in the weeks following this one. If they’ve stooped so slow as to allow Mercenaries onto American soil, then there’s a much bigger problem in Lousiana than they’re admitting, and they’re going to be needing more man power than what they have available.