The quote is “I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!”


Private messages exist!

In the old days, they used to have public executions to set examples.


In the old days, mods could change signatures.

Wait. We still can. >:(


In the old days I cared about and read signatures.

In the old days we would post things on the public forum to degrade and humiliate people.

Wait. We still do. >:(


In the old days we would go on about the old days.

Wait. we still can and do. >:(

The old days jokes are from the old days.
What was this topic about?

What’s that quote from, anyways?

Saturday Night Live, Cowbell sketch.

I wish I knew what a forum was back in the old days :frowning:

Best friggin’ sketch ever, too.

It can’t be better than the Samurai Delicatessen.:enguard:

I suggest: Argument clinic.

I suggest: Disco.

The internet sure can be humiliating and degrading sometimes!

I’d be humiliated if I had a quote wrong.

Play it again, Sam.