Infinite Undiscovery

Playing it now. Sin hates it. I dunno what to think about it. I don’t hate it But I certainly don’t like it. I can get around Capell’s whininess. What I can’t get around is the fact that the action doesn’t stop when I’m in the item screen and I can’t operate it properly while I’m moving. I also can’t stand fighting in pitch darkness for no reason whatsoever. Those make other normally minor problems (ridiculous story, even more ridiculous dialogue) seem way worse than they are. I’ve certainly played worse… I think… I’m trying to find something to like about it enough to continue. I think I like the idea of moving at a snail’s pace while playing the flute to find the hidden passage needed to advance through the dungeon. No, I don’t.

Hmmm… I got nothin. Good thing I didn’t pay more than 10 dollars for it.

You’ll grow to hate it more. The only redeeming feature is when Capell gets all angsty at a certain point in the game. Very funny (though unintentionally). How far in are you? It sounds like you just got the twins. Did you do the awful desert escort quest and meet the really stupid outcast girl?

I just entered Burgstadt. The twins (You mean the kids?) annoy me to no end.

This is literally the first time since I first started seriously playing RPGs that I ever needed to play one with the guide in front of me the whole time.

I don’t remember what happens in Burgstadt, but it’s definitely before the exciting events that Sin asked about.

Man. You don’t need to play this game with a guide. It will only make it even more painful to go through. The only time I used one was to find Kiriya (and now, I had to look up his name on the internet), the hermit dude living in a shack in a mysterious forest. You might find good items with the flute, but it’s not worth it. It’s not a particularly difficult game, but the boss fights are badly designed. You will most likely have to fight some of them a few times to understand what the fuck is going, whatever your equipment/items are. And obviously, you don’t need to do all the subquests either…

Oh yeah, I remember that. I think I mostly relied on my healers to take care of that when needed during fights. I used Eugene for most of the game and he did a decent job. You always need to keep an eye on your stupid healers, though, because they tend to run away in a corner when enemies target them and get themselves killed, especially during boss fights.

As a final note, the twin kids are THE scariest characters I’ve ever seen in a video game! (Even their mom agrees.) You can throw them out of your main party as soon as you can. :smiley: You get better characters later in the game (like the ninjas, although their lack of HP was a huge disappointment), but expect to be stuck with whiny losers and emo kids for a while.