inFamous vs Prototype

I greatly enjoyed and finished Prototype this month. I just tried a demo of inFamous and while I was watching the cutscenes, I could see why people would draw parallels. Then the game loaded and inFamous was undeniably a pretty a game with more textures than Prototype. Then I had to move my character. Holy fucking shit. This is totally not the same kind of game. It doesn’t even come close. In Prototype, you run around and the world is coming to an end around you, while inFamous has much much smaller encounters; in Prototype, you’re in the middle of a warzone, whereas in inFamous, you’re dealing with street gangs. Cole is also a much more fragile beast than Mercer and requires much more precision. His arsenal was also much less impressive from the look of it. I had problems trying to play inFamous because it required a lot more subtlety than Prototype. Its going to require some adaptation.

I haven’t played Prototype, but InFamous does require a lot of precision. The character is very fragile compared to other games and so choosing your abilities wisely for a balanced character is much more important than something like Final Fantasy. The enemies also tend to grow stronger at a rate that is slightly faster than you, so the times that you have any significant tactical advantage are rare. Also, lightning powers are awesome.

I can assure you in later levels (the second island at the latest in fact) you’ll be in the middle of an absolute war zone most of the time. Though by the end of it, your arsenal is just friggin’ INSANE. I’ve not tried Prototype yet but it is high on my ‘must buy’ list.

prototype had the most contrived piece of shit plot ever. made it hard for me to like it :expressionless:

And the fact that in inFamous The main villain is actually the player character travelling back in time from an alternate reality actually made sense?