Indiana Jones IV

Release date confirmed

I can’t wait. :hyperven:

Isn’t Ford a little bit old to be playing Indiana?

Fuck no, he’s the coolest guy of all time. O_o

I’m there.

Wow, I thought for sure when I saw this thread it would be all “No Ford? Crush, kill and or maim!”

Everyone loves Indy, unless you’re a freak or female. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! It’s still Harrison Ford as Indy. Awesome.


I still think he’s too old to play the role, but I’ll watch whatever has Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford stamped on it.

It’s official, Harrison Ford is going to kick everyone’s ass in 2005!

Ford in it already means it to be one of the best.

*Hums the theme!

I sense complete suckitude coming from this movie. In nothing will it be good, for it will have a half-assed script, unfit for anything Indiana Jones.

I also am there.

w00t~! :smiley:

I heard he’s gonna fight COMMUNISTS in this one. :open_mouth:

Aw man, I was hoping nazis, but communists are good too

Fuck no man, Indi fights Nazis or I’m not paying to see it. >:(

Oh no… They are making a movie out of Infernal Machine?

Anyway, I have a hunch Indy is going to die in this one, and a new prodigy is going to resurface…

He didn’t die in the tv series, he just got old and cantankerous…and he had an eyepatch :smiley:

An eypatch? Sweet!
I am so seeing this when it comes out on TV.