In this thread, I brag about my FFT Team.

I still take this out every so often and blaze through it. Don’t have a PSP or next gen, so this isn’t the updated version.
Sometimes, I like to do theme runs, or challenges, or whatnot. This was a pretty standard run, only using two special characters throughout, because the game is highly overbearing with special characters towards mid-late game, and I didn’t feel like having four specials + one go-to generic for all my battles.


Atheist Lancer
Male Lancer
97 Brave, 3 Faith

Javelin II
Crystal Helmet
Crystal Mail

Punch Art
Blade Grasp
Two Hands
Move 2

I never thought about making low-faith “Atheist” characters until a friend showed me his team a long time ago. One of them was this model, a slow moving nearly indestructible one-hit seek-and-destroy character. Magic? That’s stupid, I ain’t got time to get hit by Meteor and Cyclops. Bull Demon using Shake Off? Bitch, please. Tiamat closing in? Javelin II up the ass. Simple, but a lot of fun to toss in the front lines.

That Gomez
Male Knight
97 Brave, 61 Faith

Crystal Helmet
Genji Armor

Battle Skill
Blade Grasp
Two Swords
Move 2

Obligatory two-sword character. Beefy enough to take hits, fast enough to not give a damn. For everything that won’t withstand a normal two-sworded attack, there’s Charge. I occasionally like to switch out Ragna with Blood Sword and slap Counter on him for lower-level Deep Dungeon and random map scrimmages.

Male Geomancer
Brave 97, Faith 04

Rune Blade
Twist Headband
Power Sleeve

Blade Grasp
Two Hands
Ignore Height

Helmet + Armor + Accessory = +7 Physical Attack. What’s that, Two Hands as well? Yes, please, and thank you. Most everything takes 550-600 damage up front, no bullshit. And with Ignore Height, it makes it easy to flank and evade priority targets who’s Religion doesn’t take Blade Grasp into account. In addition, I believe the formula for Elemental damage is PA and MA divided and then factored in with other things, so the extra PA gives it a good mild boost when he’s not in range to deliver the enemy a five-across-the-eyes from atop Mt. FuckYou.

The Government
Female Time Mage
Brave 47, Faith 79

Blast Gun
Flash Hat
Wizard Robe

Time Magic
Math Skill
Equip Gun

I had a LOT of fun with this character. She used to be a Mediator mid-to-late game once I got the Math Skills with the above skills except with Auto Potion and typical magic boosting equipment. Brave and Faith altering abilities were important getting through the game to make everyone’s Br/Fa optimal. In addition, I wanted the satisfaction of recruiting enemy units in just to take their better equipment and then boot them right afterwards. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Anyways, I swapped to this set-up late game to Deep Dungeon as she was always first to get targeted and die. So, a self sustaining and oppressive Government was the way to go. That, and tossing out Meteor every now and again is a welcome sight.

As for Equip Gun instead of a MA-boosting wand, Guns run on Faith and I think some MA in the end. Incredibly useful.

As for Float, because fuck you, that’s why.

Disco Cunt
Female Black Mage
Brave 57, Faith 72

Wizard Rod
Flash Hat
Black Costume
Magic Gauntlet

Black Magic
Draw Out
Dragon Spirit
Defense UP

Draw Out runs on MA.
Black Mages have stonkingly high MA and MA level gains.
Buffs, heals, and destroys instantly.
Die, get re-raised, 'port away, heal. Or go for the throat and finish the god damn job.


Brave 97, Faith 70

Genji Helmet

Punch Art
Equip Armor
Move 2

HP/Swag overload. Live forever and bare-knuckle all the bosses. You are a Belouve, you don’t take shit from things like armor or logic or sequels.

Divine Knight
Brave 86, Faith 68

Chaos Blade
Grand Helmet
Secret Clothes
Sprint Shoes

Mighty Sword
Blade Grasp
Two Hands
Ignore Height

It’s sad that after you get her in the storyline, the game is almost up. So she rarely get utilized and recognized for what she is; a mass murdering fuck that wants to get you naked and bathe in your blood. Clothes and weapons are against her Religion, so she’ll do whatever it takes to get you naked by the end of this song and wallow in your defeat. Because thrusting your sword towards the heavens and bellowing that God Hates Helmets, followed by a triumphant light shining from the sky that sends a shrieking meteorite crashing down on your foe’s cranium in the name of a batshit insane religion is just fucking cool. They should’ve renamed this game to Final Fantasy Tactics: Clothes are for Women, Children, and Bleeding Heart Liberals: Staring Meliadoul, the Pissed. Everytime a sword breaks, a bracer shatters, or a theif hat melts into oblivion, Meliadoul, the Pissed, smiles a wane smile, knowing that her Heathen God has been pleased on that day.

Because Cid is overrated and boring.

Up until the Chaos Blade, I give her Excalibur and bulky equipment. Then, when the grand-daddy 40 WPN Knight Sword comes into focus, she becomes an instrument of death.

Brave 65, Faith 66

Rune Blade
Escutcheon II
Flash Hat
Robe of Lords
Genji Gauntlet

Summon Magic
Weapon Guard
Magic Attack UP

Speaking of underplayed…

Reis, as a dragon, has an abnormally huge MA and HP level up gain. I boosted her a good 8-10 levels to give her a few natural points in MA before using Cancer to transform her into a Human (Logic, ha). With this set up, she’s bulky, natural Protect/Shell, high evade, relatively fast, hits as hard as a black mage, can melee noticeably well when need be, and remember what I had said earlier about what Elemental damage is calculated from? Tons of fun to put out in the front lines and in harms way. It’s like you have a Final Boss in your party.

So no Arigas, Cid, Beowulf, Mustachio, or any of the other Cosby Kids.

Why does Ramza only have Move +2 and Counter? He should be rocking Move +3 and Hamedo? In fact, why are your guys saddled with Move +2? Can’t you just have somebody you don’t give no fucks about, like Cloud, grind Bard like a motherfucker and let the spillover JP flow.

Someone has too much time on their hands :V

Although personally I’ve made it a goal to eventually get my main 5 to master every class. Never really got near that, though.

My last playthrough, Ramza was mage classes. Summon and Math Skill, with the Faith Rod, Wizard Rod, Flash Hat, Robe of Lords, and Magic Gauntlet. Could wipe the board clean in a single turn.

I had a “light fighter” that mastered Ninja, Thief, Geomancer, Dancer, and a handful of others.

A “heavy fighter” that went for Lancer, Samurai, Knight, and Ninja, and idr what else.

I had my second mage character, that focused on Mediator and Time Mage, and always carried a gun.

And Agrias.

Meh~ good game, but I get bored of grinding very quickly. Once I run out of story, I’m more or less finished.

The problem with people mastering every class is Zodiac. The fight you learn it in is difficult enough as is without the need of having to truck 5 summoners in with you in the hopes that you’ll be able to proc the attack, survive it, and manage the one in three chance of learning it.

For me though it was always collect at least one of every obtainable piece of equipment in the game even if it meant bumping up your casualty count to raise and poach Porkies and Wild Bows.

I didn’t have a huge amount of difficulty with Elidibs. Math Skill to slow everything down, then Dancing to reduce Magic stat, then Math Skill again to cast Wall on everyone.

For me the hardest battle was Elmdor. And it was more frustrating than hard. Two hours of Speed Break, Persuade, Scream, and many, many failed attempts at stealing.

Wiegraf was a walk in the park. One shot of Holy, and the battle was over in less than a minute.

And that’s with Martial Arts and Speed Save on your designated thief?

I can’t remember the exact details, but generally I had a couple ninjas and a couple calculator-summoners.

The ninjas had as many +damage pieces of equipment I could get my hands on with extra mobility like move+3 or ignore height and depending on circumstances, I gave them knight swords. Though ninjas are more fragile than knights with dual wield, they’re easier to tweak for higher damage and they have more mobility. I used the calculator summoners in summoner class to compensate for the slow speed of calculators. Similarly, I maxed out the magic power. My team could usually finish the game around 20 levels under the boss and still 1 shot nearly every enemy they met, assuming they weren’t flared or holy’d to death already.

I have a ps1 save file with the genji gear and all the other goodies, but I didn’t bother much with steal in the psp/ios version because of the inability to steal from Elmdor.

Sin, you’ve ever played FFT 1.3? I’ve seen you talk about how much you’ve managed to break the game, so that sounds like something you’d like to try. It’s a heavily modded version of FFT (PSX and PSP versions available) with completely revamped class and AI systems that ends up making the thing far more tactical and way more balanced. And harder. Much, much harder. It’s essentially FFT: Anus Destroyer Edition.

Man. Fuck 1.3. Sperging out on ludicrous game-breaking builds is fine on your own volition, but make it mandatory to getting through something and suddenly it stops being fun and starts being obnoxious work. Although, most of that tends to stem from games requiring you to build in a very specific way or take advantage of very specific exploits and then maintaining said exploits while eating away at the millions of HP whatever superboss the game throws at you. It’s pretty much the reason why I don’t like optional content in Squeenix (not Squaresoft) games these days.

As for the most pre-end/post gamebreaking I’ve done in FFT, it was lucking out on a Dragon Whisker during early Chapter 3 on one of my playthroughs. If there’s a next time I’ll go for getting a Dancer up and running by the start of Chapter 2.

I never could get much use out of Hamedo, and didn’t feel like Barding it up to get Move 3. Move 2 was enough, honestly.

At one point in time, I DID have units with fully mastered everything, all the items, all the jobs done, all secret characters, hurr de durr, but I just wanted a solid playthrough (and blood) without (having to) doing all the Propositions and grinding your new secret characters and whatnot.

That, and the thought of a Black Mage flashing in and using Kotestu (sic) to AOE the shit out of everything gave me tingles.

Sin: I thought only Knights and Special Classes could use Knight Swords.

I want to know how to get this. :open_mouth: I can’t remember the last time a tactical RPG actually challenged me :confused:

And no, I didn’t have Martial Arts or Speed Save on my thief. So like, 08% chance of success on every steal attempt. Once I got Elmdor down to 1 speed and slowed, it was just a patience game. Any time he got up to around 60 CT, I’d start trying to Persuade him back to 0. He got maybe one shot in for every 20 turns with all of my other characters.

I’ve never heard of FFT 1.3. It sounds interesting though. Tactics Ogre used to be pretty tough. I love the changes they did to the system. I was a little disappointed they didn’t do something like that with FFT in retrospect. I think there are only a couple knight swords you can’t equip with ninjas. I give those to ramza as a knight with dual wield if I want to increase his survivability (usually unnecessary).

Google, people. First result.