In the before time, in the long-long ago

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I think the site itself is down now, but we can still have memories. I mean, look at the people who were posting then; X, Ex, RPT, Maz, myself. Man we’ve been here for a long time.

You had to get the archive from right before I joined.

EDIT Actually, looking at them, I see all the archives only have a July 2nd archive for the actual forums.

This has been posted before :stuck_out_tongue: But its still really cool, even though i’m a nub.

You used to be able to browse ShaheenJims site RPGShrines too, but now whoever controls the RPGShrines domain has a robots.txt script up, so it blocks the wayback machine’s cache. =(

cough Eh hem…Forgetting someone are we? Hell, it was me who got X here (I’m sorry, please forgive me).

Xelo, you are there. Check the FFC boards. :sunglasses:
Man, does that bring back memories.

Hmm, I swore I joined in August, not July.

There’s that Summoner Klarth guy who like, called BMO and Charlemagne faggots, two nights ago. Idiot.

Wow the forums look so…so plain…

Heh, I remember when we were back on the Ezboards. Too bad you can’t actually view the topics.

I remember when I posted this and a link to Xelo bitching and whining about getting banned from the chat worked. That was entertaining.

Much has changed.

Wow, I remember being summoner_klarth

Guess i’m a little less annoying now

I remember being RPG_Dragon

So that’s what the name change was about? You got nostalgic? Also, did all the staffers have “RPGC” before their names?

"The most important poll you punks will ever take. " hahaha I remember that poll.

I remember the ezboards… used to post then, but I didn’t register till about september, so I probably can’t find my account there. And back then I was using my old name, KoS Gilgamesh.

*edit: AWESOME! I found some threads that I posted in. Too bad you can’t view them.

I just checked the PC Game Forum and I got two things to say:
[li]Cless rocks for making a thread about Shogun, the perfect mix of generic 3D RTS, Civilization and Risk.
[/li][li]You were all kinda obsessed with Starcraft, weren’t you?

Quoted perfectly from one of the threads.

Edit: oh shit!


We had to put RPGC_ because EZBoards have a universal nickname system, so if your name is taken by any of the hundreds of boards out there you can’t have it.

I picked Katanas, because Japanese swords are the best there is!! Lesse, you could’ve at least put two, there’s so many (I know Katanas, Shinais, Nodachis, Wakizashis, and another one that I forget) I mean Short/Long Swords could’ve been put together to make Slicing swords, and same with 2 handed and bastard. Actually, bastards are two handed so yeah :stuck_out_tongue: not much of a veriety… You forgot Egyptian swords too.

You have to GUESS who this is. :stuck_out_tongue:

and holy shit! Celes!

I remember him from the chat =o

That was you? Haha oops, I confused your dorky screen name with the other guy. Apologies, sir.

The one he’s missing is the No-Dachi.