In the Before Time... In the Long Long Ago...

I was looking around the <a href=“” target="_blank">wayback machine</a>, and it reminded it me that it’d been nearly six years since I first <a href=“” target="_blank">completed</a> the <a href=“” target="_blank">Dragon Warrior III Shrine</a>, the main reason I joined the site. Of course, it was later destroyed in the great deletion.

Anyway, I was thinking about old times because I sat down and looked at my old <a href=“” target="_blank">Geocities page</a> that I made back in 1996, and I opened up notepad and just started typing stuff in the “what’s new” page. It got so long, that I felt I should make a <a href=“” target="_blank">new page</a> out of it.

What a great story, Saturn. Thanks, Saturn.

It’s Sat :open_mouth:


Wow, he’s alive.

Hey Sat, nice to see you again! :wave:

Speaking of Geocities, I find myself unable to access my site there, ever since I stated using my sister’s PC instead of mine, despite using the correct password. What can the problem be? Any ideas?

Woh, Mr. Saturn!

Yea, the wayback machine is awesome. :smiley:

With the Wayback Machine … we can read these! :smiley: … and I’m amused that half the people here seemed more interested in the fact that Mr. Saturn was posting at ALL than what he was posting. :3

That’s cuz he’s just cool like that. B@ing.

In any case, it is a nifty lil’ trip down memory lane.

I’ll have to have adventures in the wayback machine sometime…just not today…maybe yesterday.

Yeah, Mr. Saturn already posted in the Video Card thread a couple times, and nobody even noticed.

Guess you gotta make your own threads to get any recognition around here.

Whatever happened to that Hiryuu guy? He was alright

That Hiryuu guy was more than alright. He was cooler than an absolute zero cucumber.

It is indeed good news to hear from you again Sat.

Well, since I read it… does anyone know why SS is only taken out up to $90000? What’s the deal with the cutoff?

I’ve wondered for a while but never asked anyone.


Also, I was looking at your game collection Sat, do you own every game ever made and every version of it? So when is the party at your house Sat?

Not quite every game, I only wish. And the party? Well, err, uhh… smoke bomb

Actually, if any of you find yourselves in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area after the first of May, I should be in a new (hopefully cleaner) apartment by then, and I’d be more than happy to have guests.

For all of the both of you who don’t know about my collection, there’s some out of date pictures available <A HREF=“”>here</A>.

So far as I know, it’s just that people think that they’ve worked hard enough to deserve a break if they make that much, and also that the government thought that only the first $90,000 of everyone’s paycheck would be enough to cover everyone with full benefits. I guess not, though. Also, since I’ve apparantly had at least one visitor to that site now, how does the layout look? It’s just something I put together in a couple of hours, and I’m not sure if I fully like it.

The layout is ok, but yea, you could do so much better. Also, I’m in Lawton Oklahoma for a while, I might have to visit ya sometime.

That, and I think when they made the law, only a few people made over $90,000, and since this was quite a lot of money, they had the strings to pull to put the cap where it is.

The website looks great. Could be better, but nothing’s perfect.