In search of a pic..

I haven’t really been able to find a picture of the Gilded Sword, and I want a decent of it, which may be too mcuh to ask. BUT, I basically want it to look similar so it doesn’t look bogus to these weapons:

I’m only asking because I feel some people may know more than I would, or may have more luck than I would. I already have a guide I could use for most pictures, and there wasn’t a decent one of the Gilded Sword, just lik a glimpse of it in the caption boxes. I’ll probably just use n/a if I can’t get one, but I didn’t think it would be thsi complicated to find one.

Thanks if anyone is of any help, though.

Edit: Fixed the links with simplicity… nyah!

Neither of the links work…

starts to look on Google search results

Let me get back to ya…

I could have and have, done that. BUT!, if you do find a decent picture… I’ll be glad. But it is probably a waste of your time.

Couldn’t find anything. Who would’ve thought that a pic of the gilded sword would be so hard to find?

I hate to say I told you so… etc… I know, I know. I experienced it and… bleh. But, it doesn’t matter… it’s not that needed anyways, I’ll just use n/a like I did (which you’ll see if you take another look at the weapons page).

I think you just did.

Yeah, I saw the page already. Oh well, I did my best…

I’ll move my N64 downstairs tomorrow after work and take a screeny for ya, k?

Uhh… I suppose you have a video capture card… or something. and that would be a favor, but you do see how it would similarily fit with the other weapons as not to look like the black sheep…