In Rainbows

I didn’t even TRY to check if there’s already a thread on this, but yeah…

It’s the title of Radiohead’s new album. Anyone else give it a listen yet?

IMO, one of the better albums released in a longgggg time. Any RH fans here other than myself?

I think RH is pretty good. Yeah ive listened to it and your right about its one of the better ones.

I’ve downloaded it but haven’t listened to it yet. I’m not really sure if I’ll like it, as I’m not usually the biggest radiohead fan, but I wanted to download and donate to show my support for the optional album cost thing. So, if nothing else, the distribution method is really cool.

I’ve got it. Not a huge Radiohead fan, but i’ve been listening to Arpeggi, House of cards, and Jigsaw alot lately.

This is definitely the best Radiohead album in for-fucking-ever. I remember why I liked them again.
Maybe Yorkie-boy just needed that really shitty solo album to vomit all the bad music out of him like it was excess alcohol. I mean, listening to it did remind me a lot of drinking vomit.

Yeah those are def some of the better songs. Throw Faust Arp and 15 Step in there and you probably have my top 5. Reckoner’s worth mentioning too. Well, they all are really.

I have to stop feeling like a cheapskate and give them some $ before I d/l it. I like RH though. Eraser Man (wasn’t that its name?) had exactly one song I liked.

how does it compare to OK Computer?

I’d say it’s closer to Kid A than OK Computer, but you should still like it. It’s somewhere in between the two.

I’d agree. Kid A is my favourite RH album, and this is fairly close to it, which probably explains why I like it so much.

I was REALLY hoping they would release “Big Boot,” a song that’s been played at a few concerts before, as a studio recorded track. Last time I checked, though, I saw a video on youtube where they were trying to get work done to it and were really unhappy with the results… it on it’s own is worth looking in to if you can find it on the interweb.

But yes. This and The Bends are now my favorite albums by RH.

OMG! I love their new album. Jigsaw Falling Into Place is probably my favorite song on there! <3

I don’t see how people like Kid A at all it just reinforces the idea that radiohead fans really don’t know what the fuck

Last time I talked to you about music, you were whoring out Coheed. No offense, I just have to point out that you’re maybe not the best person to ask about songs people will still be listening to 7 or 8 years after their release.

We’re talking about good, solid music here. If you wanna talk about good solid music too, fine. Otherwise don’t start shit in my threads please :open_mouth:

roffles^but agreed.

I don’t particularly like Radiohead but I support the free music idea. I further support the “pick your own price” idea, but only because it promotes a lower standard pricing scheme. Artists should make money for their music, but the recording industry shouldn’t have such a take.