In preparation for a not-so-major event

I’ll try doing this the way Sorc says it’s supposed to be done, maybe. :smiley:

Ask a question… or questions! I reserve the right not to answer, which will probably be exercised if I find that the question is of too personal a nature (which will probably be if you’re asking for my address or Social Security number or something like that, damn those stalkers and frauds) or if I just think it’s retarded in a “it could be helped” way. Then, I may choose to mock you in a manner that I deem fit.

I’ll answer what’s been asked in my 1000th post. For the amount of time it’s taken me to get this far, I’d say you surely have time to think of a good one. I may even answer more after that, if I feel like it.

It’s been a fun, non-spammy ride!

Why don’t you come down July 4th weekend for The Varsity? >.>

How is it you’re so damned cool and loveable?

That’s easy, it’s her nice Sourthern drawl.

I’m just kidding Vicki, you dont’ really have an accent like SG says.

Why did I get stuck baring a striking resemblance to one of California’s most notorious serial rapist/killers in the modern era history of the state?

Why can’t you just be RPGC’s resident pass around girl? It’s obvious plenty of the guys here want you, and you can also count it as community service and apply time spent towards a future crime!

Why did you choose your name to be “VickiMints”?
What has been your best experience here, so far?

If I asked you out, would you date me?

How does it feel to be RPGC’s first lady? :smiley:

If you had a million dollars, what would be the first thing you’d buy?

Do you enjoy the excessive amount of positive respect that you get here?

Whats the most traumatic thing that you’ve ever seen?

Tomato: Fruit or vegetable?
Is the grass really greener on the other side or are they full of it?

Wanna find out why they call me ‘Big’?

God damnit, as per MY RULES, you can only ask ONE question.

Why did one of California’s most notorious serial rapest killers get stuck baring a striking resemblance to a video game player?We always don’t get what we want in this world.Richard Ramirez- get a life where ever you are- Slip a guard a few bucks to smuggle you in a used turbo grafx 16 and a copy of splatterhouse- i am sure it is just your kind of game!—

Will you go to The Varsity with 984?

What is your bra size?
what kind of underwear do you wear? thongs? color? granny panties?
how far would you go on a first date with me?

Would Gandalf make a kickass Jedi?

:thinking: Have you enjoyed being in RPGC thus far? If so, why?