In leiu of Macc Maverick's return..

and his call for “threads worth commenting on”, I offer you an old school dosage of Cookies and Pepsi, with the lemons solely for Macc.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.

sets out a plate of doomcookies…with lemon

brings the caik and succubi

Huzzah, it’s Macc!

watches all the expected fawning and worshipping of Macc’s return like a buncha lemmings… and joins in


Steals and flee :slight_smile:

Left the lemons behind

I’ll be ready to scoop up those shoes.

Who needs cookies and pepsi when I got deathpie? mmm deathpie…now with 2 scoops of raisens.

Welcome back, oh master of… (I need a word for those nice pictures with witty texts that meade us go LOL).

He hasn’t posted in this thread yet, where is he?

He probably won’t come around. That’s Macc… he comes and goes…

Ok… sorry to sound like a party pooper, but what makes you sure he is coming back?

Originally posted by PC Glenton
Ok… sorry to sound like a party pooper, but what makes you sure he is coming back?

The lemon trees that have been planted some months ago and are giving out their first harvest of fruits this winter.

Darm, he’s getting away! Get the nets!!

Hey Cletus! Dat der Macc feller is gettun away.
Get your boomstick!

Drinks a lemon iced tea in toast to The Miggity Macc.

ACtually, I think it’s stuff like this that keeps him from coming back.

Too popular for his tastes, I believe.

I thought that too. But then I thought, wouldn’t he pop in at least once to give us an update on his life?

I love Macc, he’s cuddly. I’m gonna plant some Lemoranges in his honor.

It’s not liek you’re helping, Uriel.

I"m sorry, SS. I’ll try to not do it again.