In honor of...

In honor of Trillian and this special day, in honor of her bubbly personality, in honor of her favorite color pink, I give to you a new style. Pink Cadillac. Enjoy.

Only REAL MEN wear pink!

Happy birthday, Trilly! :smiley:

As proven by Dan “The Man” Hibiki.

(Wouldn’t it have been easier to just…

Happy Birthday, Twilla :3


The sheer PINKNESS of it all! dies @_@

d’awww…thank you. ^^

Happy birthday, Trilly :slight_smile: Have a good one.

Jesus lord this is bright.

Dude. I’m keeping this one.

Oh god, the pink is burning my eyes.

Happy birthday Trillian! :slight_smile:


Sweet, sweet blue!

Awesome as Trillian is, I’ll be keeping my boring ol’ blue colorscheme.

Nevertheless, Happy B-day Trillian.

It’s pink 'cause she’s a girl lolz

<small>tutti-frutti for the win</small>

Tombstone 'till the day i die.

Though the new theme does remind me of Tylenol :slight_smile:

Switches to pink cadillac OW, MY EYES!

switches back to default blue Ah, much better.

I now have a much greater appreciation for the blue color scheme.

Happy anniversaryOHJESUSIMF***INGBLIND!!! (switches back to blue)

It’s made of PEOLPE


Happy birthday.

“Yarr, happy birthday, me lass!” :toast: :dancer:


(Bunnies don’t like atrociously pink color schemes. But They Can Dance!)

I’ll have to try this out. I’ve been in Tutti Frutti for months now.
Happy Birthday, Trillian.