In Honor Of...

In honor of Georgia and its history. In honor of its 1785 charter. In honor of Sanford, in honor of Sinkwich, in honor of Pollack, Greene, and Richt. In honor of Herschel, and in greatest honor of Vince. In honor of the 48 to 13 ASS WHOOPING ON BOISE STATE, I bring you… Go You Silver Britches.

Go Dawgs.

That’s like… mad hot, yo.

It’s a cool color scheme. Czech it out, peoples.

Rooh rooh rooh rooh!

whoa man, I like red and grey. I’m going to use this one from now on!

Nice. :smiley:

And I present to YOU, Michael Miller’s first contribution off of the underground poetic hit “The H.A. Collection”

Michael Miller: Football

football is good!
drunk people are funny!
there’s things to do in atlanta!
white power,
go football.


It looketh pretty awesome.

I like that G in the RPGC Agora logo.


That’s the one thing I don’t like about it. What is the G for?

That would be the University of Georgia at Athens, the school 984 goes to, also a big football school and a regular competitor for national titles.

Georgia I expect.

Go You Silver Britches is a historic cheer for UGA, dating to like the 1960s when they had silver britches. Dooley got rid of the britches when he was head coach, but he brought them back towards the end of his tenure as coach due to fan demand.

And yes, the G stands for UGA. It’s our logo, so to speak. And yes, I am aware of its connections to Green Bay’s G.

Sigh. I’ll stay with tombstone grey. Whoever’s for an updates in schemes, raise hand! raises hand