In Honor Of Auburn...

As some of you might know, Auburn University played in the Nokia Sugar Bowl yesterday. They beat Virginia Tech 16-13, and have now gone undefeated 13-0 this season.

In other news, Florida lost to Miami. Tennessee crushed Texas A&M. And Clemson fucked up in its last regular season game, so they didn’t go to any bowl game.

Now, this thread isn’t about college football. Rather, in honor of Auburn, in honor of Tennessee, in honor of Florida, and in honor of Clemson, I bring you a new style. I bring you… Raised to Hate Orange. Kudos to anyone that gets the reference.

congratulations The 984 this is your worst idea ever. :smiley:

It’s a little too bright in some areas.

Yes. I know. If some people found out I did this, I could be killed. :smiley:

I’m sure glad Auburn University beat Virginia Tech!! :D:D Those colors look like a carpet from the 70s.

The style would’ve come about either way, Walhalla. It’s been on the backburner waiting to be released for about two months now. And you’re right. It reminds me of the old shag carpet in my family’s cabin. :open_mouth:

And the style does look ugly. It’s meant to look ugly. Orange looks ugly no matter what, but it’s especially ugly when coupled with blue. Worst color combination EVER.

Orange and black looks great.
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The Orange and blue thing is because they’re opposite colors.

Not too shaby, I like it better than 984 Purple at least.

You’re colourblind, aren’t you?

What about South Carolina?

They played Clemson that day they had a little brawl, costing their bowl trip too, since that was South Carolina’s sixth win, I think.

South Carolina is not orange. It is (unfortunately) red and black.

Actually, this isn’t a terrible colour scheme. I’m going to stay with Solyent Green, though. I dislike orange.

I might try this scheme, the ‘70s carpet’ claim has enticed me. Damn '70s carpet! Almost as sexy as zombies! Damn sexy zombies! Damn them to sexy, sexy, zombie hell!

984 you should make one for USC kicking the crap out of OU 55-19.

That would be Carnage Red.