In case you ever wanted to hear Extreme Metal versions of christmas songs...

I have some right here.

Dont remember what song is what, or who does it though, lol.

This is fucking craaaaaazy. I thought metal covers of my favorite christmas music would be great, but they’re terrible. Oh well. I’ll let you be the judge.

To lazy to check right now, but is Korn’s Death Metal Jingle Bells on there?

Considering how Korn is as much a Death Metal Band as Eminem… no.

Sorry, Christmas=Jazz :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m partial to the Blind Guardian version of Mr Sandman but mainly because it isn’t rooted in the idea of “let’s add distortion and play hard”. It’s feelgood.

YA…even though Korn is not death metal. They did do a DEATH METAL VERSION!! of Jingle Bells. Listen you will like it.

No, it’s not death metal. If you think it is, you’ve never heard a single death metal song in your life.

I’ll have to agree with Monsieur Revenge. Not death metal. I downloaded it. Barely if any “metal” and certainly no “death.”

On a related note, I always loved the Siberian transatlantic(is that its name?) orchestra’s rendition of some-famous-Christmas-song-youve-heard-but-dont-know-the-name-of. I’m sure you guys have heard this song - its played on the radio every Christmas.

The Trans Siberian Orchestra (pretty much some guys from Savatage and an orchestra) has had two Christmas albums: Christmas Eve and Other Stories and The Christmas Attic. Christmas Eve and Other Stories is awesome. I can’t say much for the other.

Actually, I think they might have a third, but I’m not sure.

Cool, I knew someone knew of it. Do you know the name of that song they play on the radio all the time during Christmas?

I honestly have no idea, because the radio stations around here aren’t cool enough to play Trans Siberian Orchestra songs. The last classic rock/hard rock/new rock station that we had in the area has just been replaced by a fucking pop and new age station. Yeah. They’d be the only ones likely to play it.

TSO is cool.

3 christmas albums, and a non christmas album. The last Xmas album is the best of the holiday ones, but I like the non christmas one the best. The song they play on the radio… I dont remember what it’s called, but it’s a redone version of Savatage’s Christmas Eve Sarevjo (Sp?) 12/24.

…did anyone even download any of those? The Angels we Have Heard on High cover is actually really good.

Dude I live off of death metal:booster:

I doubt it.

As for christmas metal songs… well King Diamond’s “No Presents For Christmas” is awesome. :ark:

*edit: edited due to general pretentiousness.

Please tell me Slipknot is your favorite Death Metal band.

Considering Slipknot is totaly Death Metal…then yes!

Besides christman metal can you post some fear factory bands? i like that band now they rock ass