…pwnd. XD

Nice job with the flash, Spoony :toast:

I liked the surprise ending.


Yep, I was right the first time! XD

I like how he sort of turns to face the camera as he’z firin’ hiz layzor.

You know that Neo-Goemon summon in of itself is very much like your own personal webcomic’s meme, but I have only one OBJECTION!!!.. Sounds of over 9000 lazorz firing in the distance followed by a large KAPOLISON in the general vicinity of this post!!!

That bad string of internet meme’s aside, I found your flash funnier than that Yu-Gi-Oh what the hell is he called again? The Abridged Series episode you linked to.

Good Job Dude! You’ve made it to episode #600. Let’s go for a burger. :hahaha;

Hmm … It occurs to me to wonder where we’ll be in, ah, 66 more comics … :wink:

Maybe I’ll get lucky and be able to time #666 around Halloween.

Anyway, thanks for the comments, all. This was the most complicated flash I’ve attempted yet, glad it got a laugh or two.

That being said, no comic on Friday. Taking a break, also I feel like crud tonight, so it’ll pick up again Monday. Maybe. If SSBB doesn’t own my soul by then.

…soooo, see you Wednesday then? :smiley:

Not that any of us will blame you, mind. It’s frikkin’ Smash Brothers.

Ninja Edit: Whoops! Reading error!

Some of us probably wont blame you for starting back in April what with St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and by proxy of Easter Sunday Good Friday and and Holy Saturday all being crammed in the next two weeks.