Halo 3 with a wii-mote.

Doubt it. We’ll probably get a bunch of gimmicky multiplatform shovelware rather than anything good. Although after about 1 to 2 years down the road we might start seeing FPSs that might put it to good use.

After Sony hasn’t been able to make it work yet although Warhawk may be a possible exception (I don’t know I’ve never played it).

You could patch Halo , GoW , Bioshock, everything with XBL and a hard drive. I would pay good money for a patch like that.

I wonder what the big N would have to say about using their technology for a rival company’s console… (Nevermind, I read the article. Pretty sneaky, though.)

I found it rather hilarious during my time in the military, that the recreational area’s Xbox had it’s HD full of SNES games, and Mario Kart was a pretty common sight… But I haven’t heard any news stories regarding the matter, so user-generated content seems to be OK?