Images from the Silent Hill movie

Thought y’alls might like to see this.

Finally, a thread about an upcoming movie I’m interested in.

Holy shit fog+1
I hope they really manage to pull this off… it doesn’t look too bad.

Sweet, Ill be seeeing this one for sure.When will it release?

This looks… promising. Wow, video game movie that I don’t think is crap, there’s something new.

That picture with the little girl is creepy,

So creepy that I’m all jumpy now. My door just made a clicking noise, and I jumped.

Let’s see what we have here…

Fog thick as pea soup? Check.

Industrialesque Grungy Nightmare Scenery? Check.

Creepy elusive child running around? Check.

Hideous Monsters that you don’t know what end is up? Hmm…hard to tell at this point.

Lady dressed not in a freaking thong but like a normal human being? Check and check.

I think they certainly got the scenery down pat…now hopefully the music et all will follow suit. Can’t wait till it comes out. :3

Anyone else notice that the main character’s last name is Mason? Rose Mason? Isn’t Mason Harry’s last name?

Well since Rose Mason is the replacement for Harry it’s really not surprising.

Agreeing that this looks good. It helps that the director has actually played the damned game.

Holy crap a director that knows the source material.

It’s an innovation!

HA! Yeah, that’s the first thing I noticed too. :stuck_out_tongue: Truthfully though, I am not impressed by the screenshots, but because I religiously love Silent Hill, I’ll watch the movie no matter how terrible… and if it is terrible I prepare a seppuku ritual so I may die with honour. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The director has played a video game?! Oh my! Now I am shocked and amazing.


I know! Isn’t it cool? A director who not only played the game, but actually liked it. It seems that this movie won’t suck after all. But if it does, I’ll probably spill my entrails on the theater floor as well! :smiley:

That actually looks pretty good at the moment. It might turn out to be a good film, with any luck.

Here’s hoping. It’s the only movie I’m looking forward to in the coming future.