Image scavenger hunt!

Yeah, this is a little forum game.

One person says an object (I will start), and then the next person GIS’s for that object, posts an image to it, and then says another object, and then the next person finds it, posts it, says another object; etcetera.

A dog.



That didn’t work too well, Setz:P

Image has been fixed.

old man with a machine gun

A Starfleet Academy graduate.

A star exploding.


Hookah? Show me a dragon fight.


The flying nun fighting the incredable hulk.

Cait sith wins.

New turn! 3 pictures of 3 people in 3 cars bobbing thier heads. one is easy to find.

Found it!

I did a search for posts made today when I was logged out, saw this thread ( a one that I liked). Then after clicking on it to read new posts, I logged on and posted.


this thread hasnt been posted in for nearly 3 months

Then we have a bug on our hands. I realize what happened. I should have read the date, but that is how it happened. Lets forget it happend. I need sleep.