Image Resizing Help

Alright, I’m not sure how the image resizing works and all. But the image I’m using is approximately 105 kb. Here’s a link to what I temporarily have placed.

The first time I did this, I placed the map (the image), on a seperate .shtml page and was resized to a thumbnail size. I’ve seen in other shrines where maps were used and they retained their original size. I’m guessing there’s a limit to the size, but yeah…some feedfack perhaps?

You shouldn’t have to do anything more than including the image file name as the src in an img tag. Could you post a link to the page you created for the map or your html?

Odd…it worked this time.

Rule of thumb is that it should either be on it’s own page, or shrunk down to fit the width of a 1024x768 browser.