I'm thinkin' o' starting me an IRC campaign

Either D&D or D20 modern, whichever I can get enough people for, really. Otherwise, I’m not so sure yet. I was thinking an ECL of 5 or 6 in the D&D, and just starting you off cold as humans in D20 modern.
Would anybody be down. Some friends from another online community would be invited, so I’d be looking for three or four people from here, probably, unless more join from there. At which point, I’d have to audition characters or deal with a big party, depending on how many more than 6 I end up with.
And, knowing the writing skills of some of my friends, you’d probably win in auditions against most of them. So, don’t let that discourage you.

RPGC used to have quite a thriving online D&D community. However, this was back when Mazrim Taim was around - he was really a good writer and could hold a campaign together. Generally these type of things tend to collapse quickly. My suggestion is to do it in a chat room and not put any emphasis at all really on the technical, rolling dice part of the game. Just let people roleplay.

feel free to use my #ADnD1, #ADnD2 channels to host your game.
I haven’t had time to get a campaign together in a long time so the channels are unused right now.
I agree with Curtis. the more technical you make the game the less people will want to play it. focus mostly on the role play and use role play awards for well played characters.

I am doing that, I mean, the party as it stands doesn’t even have a warrior or any sort. Our most capable combatant is a bard, so we’re far from hack n’ slash. It’s mostly intrigue.

don’t put too much intrigue. players will get bored after awhile,
and don’t let them book thump. you set the rules, they follow. even if they don’t follow the guidelines in a book.

Do contests of bardic skill. Have them sing Clash songs, the least worst one gets extra XP.

DN, this isn’t my first time DMing. Plus, I’m essentially letting them twink as much as they want. There isn’t too great a risk of death at any one point where death isn’t an absolute with the wrong decision. As for the intruige, they’re part of it. It’s a spy/political type of theme, I’m thinking. If subtle manipulatiosn get boring, out-and-out fights can also curtail support, besides.

sounds great, If I had more time I would sign up