I'm sure you people remember this.

Sabin’s wibwooism ranting thread. All the page links work. And just for the people that don’t know, all the people becides Sabin were probably just screwing with him, don’t take it too seriously.

Never saw it before, but funny nonetheless.

Oh yes, I have Charl’s version on favourite :stuck_out_tongue: Funny as hell.

“Listen you dumbfuck! It is very easy to spam behind the screen, I just wished you could say it in my face you stupid anglo saxon faggot! I did not offend your, morally and culturally perverted and degenerated country!
Since you must be a stupid joe sixpack I doubt very much you have any knowledge about Russian Culture, behaviour or costumes!”

:hahaha; :hahaha; :hahaha;

I remember reading this when it was posted before. Heh. Talk about taking things to heart…

Get the fuck over here, to Goshen, NY. I will find you, punk. I don’t care how old or how strong you are, because I have the power of true anger. The kind of anger that makes you talk really, really calm

All hail CC and his champion’s words! gets a shiver

Yeah I remember that when it first happened. Ah, good times.


Sigh, This is the time to remember
'Cause it will not last forever
These are the days to hold on to
'Cause we won’t, although we’ll want to
This is the time,
But time is gonna change
You’ve given me the best of you
But now I need the rest of you

I just read the title and I knew it was Sabin again. Oh man. I have Epic’s on my favorites.

I kinda miss Sabin. It was so much fun fucking wiht him or watching him get fucked with.

Wow, he angers me again. I just rerad it and I want hit him so tht it’ll hopefully knock some sense into him.

Wow, Charl combated him perfectly. Charl uses enoguh sense to make a point, but not enough so that Sabin got the point.

Maybe we can get Bush to declare war on Russia since Sabin is a crime against humanity.

Sabin is just as big of a problem for Russia as he is for us.

Was I really that much of an asshole? :open_mouth:

Originally posted by Cybercompost
Was I really that much of an asshole? :open_mouth:
Not was: am. And yes, you are. KYAAHAHAHAHAA

Truly pointless in “anger” and what, but I found the middle of it funny.