I'm sure there's a page with the answer to this; but I cannot find it.

I’m interested in making a shrine; but I was wondering what kind of things are mandatory in putting in it. I mean, I look at other shrines, and it’s complete to the tee. If I were to start a shrine would it be mandatory to have in a complete item list, or a complete enemy list?

Not only that, but do we have to construct the shrine from scratch, or is a layout or format given to us, and we edit it as we please? Like do we start with a blank page and expected of us to do it all, or do we get a regular blank RPGC page?

A while back I was interested in making a Champions of Norrath and/or Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance shrine, but the list said someone had reserved it. Now that I check back on it, it appears it’s not reserved anymore? I don’t know if the original maintainer had abandoned the project, or if it was an error on RPGC’s part, I dunno.

Full information there.

It said I’d need to e-mail Cless; but I’d rather do it on the forums if it’s okay. I don’t see the point in giving out a password/username combination for an FTP if I won’t even get accepted; so I guess I’ll ask if I can shrine, and confirm if I can or can not; before getting to such things.

I’m not entirely new to HTML, and would be using Mozilla Composer, for sure. And I’ve beaten Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance numerous times (more than 10), and I’d be up to playing through it thoroughly again. I have two copies; greatest hits, and non-greatest hits; so I have access regardless if I lose one.

And uh, BG:DA was on the list of shrines needed; so I guess I don’t need to explain how it’s an RPG. :S If Baldur’s Gate 2 is being shrined, so can Dark Alliance. And I have plenty of time to work on it if I am allowed to make the shrine; I never leave my room anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll PM an e-mail I use to either Cless or yourself if I do get accepted; and if I am missing anything, just tell me.

I’ve got nothing to do with it. E-mail Cless. That’s the procedure. Anything else is pointless.

I figured since you made the original join page, you’d have something to do with it. Regardless, thank you for the link and your help. :slight_smile:

E-mail sent.