I'm still around, sometimes.

Hey guys, i’m still lurking around. We have better internet out here now, so it’s easier for me to check the site out more.

For those who don’t know, i’ve gotten married and had a daughter, which rocks. Black_Ninja and Deadly_Nightshade are about to have their second kid sometime this month, which is a little girl. If you don’t recognize myself or any of the afore mentioned names, you must be a fairly new guy here. Despite my low post count, i’ve been around…uh…forever.

Another note: I don’t cut my hair like in the avatar.

Yet another note: Iraq still sucks, and i’ll be here a total of 15 months this time, in addition to the 12 months back in 05-06.

Good to hear from you, V. When did your tour start?

Great to hear from you Varan. Keep strong.

Nice to hear from you. Congrats on the family! :slight_smile: Here’s wishing you come home safe. :cool:

Awesome, ‘grats on your family. Stay safe in Iraq, man. *’-’)/

Holy Shit, I remember you from the chat, you’re a father now??? Congrats by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats, man. Good to hear from you! I hope oyu come back safe, man :slight_smile:

Good grief I feel old. :slight_smile: I’m glad everyone’s doing well…
Stay out of trouble, okay?

Congrats and good luck man.

Babies! Everywhere!


Neat. Babies are always fun.

Stay around, buddy. :slight_smile:

Well, I started back in March as part of that troop surge (we weren’t supposed to leave until May), and i’ll be here until next June-ish. You know how things are with government work, it’s never exact. We had our daughter, Skylar (Sky for short) back in January, and I got to see her when I went on midtour leave back in August. That was the best thing ever.

You need to hit me up sometime, man.

Amazingness. You’re still alive! Good to see you’re still around, and gasp, late congrats on fatherhood. :o Time runs by faaast.

I remember you. Congratulations and I hope those 15 months pass swiftly for you.